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October 12,1934

O . H owakd L ucy Bible Institute o f Los Los Angeles, Calif- DeM Frk“ d:

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February, 1935

The MINISRTY ofaMissionary Dollar How a Ten Dollar Donation, with the blessing of God upon it, has been increased by the gifts of God’s stewards to more than $17,000.00 in a few months A n a f t e r n o o n in California in late July! The warm

Thinking over this experience, Mr. Lucy said to him­ self : “ I could not disregard that letter. The sight o f that one-dollar bill told me two things: First, that some one was tremendously concerned about some project— that he was enough in earnest to entrust me with his currency in order to arrest my attention; and also that I might have the privi­ lege o f sharing in a noble effort then under way. I did not resent that letter. Instead, I felt grateful that some one had found such a unique means o f overcoming the universal tendency o f busy people to allow appeals for funds for worthy causes to go unheeded. “ Next day,” continued Mr.

rays o f a westering sun flooded a seventh floor office building where men and women, representing various de­ partments of the work o f a great institution, sat with bowed heads, engaged in prayer. A plan had been con­ ceived, an effort was about to be put forth, and in the spirit o f trust in God that had marked preceding days, these officials implored the guidance and blessing o f the Lord. The little group that prayed that day was sincere in its

desire to know God’s will, and to see His own fulfillment o f it. The choice o f the method by which He would work was left entirely in the Lord’s hands. I f He chose to pros­ per, in any measure, the plan that was in mindy all the glory would he His. Thus submission to the will of God— readiness to accept both cor­ rection and direction— preceded ac­ tion. * * * But what were the circumstances that had led to this point? The Bible Institute o f Los Angeles sore­ ly needed the provision o f the Lord for its temporal necessities. Finances at the Institute were at a very low ebb during this period— the summer o f 1934. It is true that many diffi­ cult problems already had been met, to the praise o f God’s grace— but there remained the need for suffi­ cient ready money to pay the meager salaries o f the faculty and business

Lucy, “ so strong was the memory o f that old hospital dollar that I began to search for the sender. It had been twelve years since I had re­ ceived his message, and I had to follow my man through three ad­ dresses before I finally found him. He remembered the letter well! In fact, he was still receiving contribu­ tions from persons whom he had ad­ dressed many years before. This gentleman had no objection to my sending a similar letter for the bene­ fit o f the Bible Institute; but he warned me that some recipients would misunderstand my motives, and that I would get some critical replies. “ ‘But,’ he said, ‘if you can stand such occasional reproof, you will also find a multitude o f hitherto un­ known f r i e n d s ” “ The friend o f the hospital had

A------------ -, N. J. September 30, 1934.

O. H oward L ocy Bible Institute of Los Angeles Dear Brother:

You surely hit upon a unique method of doing missionary work! and it really does workI We have been interested in B.I.O.L.A. for many years, and have been small contributors. But your little dollar constrains us to pin ours to it and send it back to work in the train­ ing of men and women to preach the gospel, on which the Lord has so gra­ ciously placed His mark of approval. I trust every dollar may return to you many fold—some, even a hundredfold. Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord, J. E. and E. A. W ------------- .

mailed 10,000 dollar bills in as many letters, and had re­ mailed them several times before the fund was raised.” “ Ten thousand dollar bills were out o f the question, as far as I was concerned, though the Institute had more than that number o f friends.” And then he added, “ I remembered that ‘one with God is a majority,’ and that, if this plan were o f Him, He was abundantly able to move upon the hearts and minds o f our friends— causing them both to understand and to respond. I realized, too, that if I did not have ten thousand dollars, I could start with ten, and I did. I drew the amount to be used for this purpose—$10.00— from my personal account, and sent forth these one-dollar bills which I called mission­ ary dollars." Within a few days, the original dollars came back with some two hundred others. Every dollar received was re­ mailed. [Continued on page 42]

staff, and to defray the inescapable expense o f student training. It was at such a time as this that a new course o f action presented itself. There came to the Business Manager o f the Bible Insti­ tute o f Los Angeles, Mr. O. Howard Lucy, a singular ex­ perience—a strong urging, a definite impression that if a certain line o f action were to be followed, blessing would result. Twelve years earlier, Mr. Lucy had received an unusual letter, one that he had never forgotten. It was a brief appeal to aid in the financing o f a hospital. There was nothing remarkable about the letter except its earnestness in pleading the cause of crippled children. It was the en­ closure— a large, old-fashioned one-dollar bill —that had made the letter outstanding. *In the simple meaning o f the word, a missionary is "one that is sent."



T H E K I N O ' S B U S I N E S S

February, 1935

Today more than $17,000.00 have been contributed as a result o f the blessing that God has granted to these Mission­ ary Dollars. The financial return, however, was not the chief benefit. By means o f the dollar letter, several thousand neyy con­ tributors to the Institute were discovered. It is recognized that the friendship o f these interested individuals and the prayer support that they will assuredly give are o f far greater value than the dollars and cents that were so grate­ fully received. There „were some critical letters^ of course— received largely from friends who did not understand the purpose o f the one-dollar enclosure. The cordial letters reproduced on the preceding pages are typical o f hundreds that have been received, showing the beautiful cooperation which the majority of recipients have given. But the dollar letter never would have been necessary if it had been possible for the Institute to assemble all its One of the most natural and Scriptural and effective methods ever used by the Bible Institute o f Los Angeles for enabling its friends to contribute to its work has been the Biola Honor Roll— a plan by which at least a small amount is sent to the Institute each month, or each week. This plan was conceived several years ago, and was at once eagerly received by a number of friends as a valuable aid to systematic and regular giving. T o become a member o f the Biola Honor Roll, one agrees TO PRAY for God’s blessing upon the Bible Insti­ tute o f Los Angeles, and TO GIVE— as regularly as pos­ sible—to its support. WHY GIVE? By giving to the Bible Institute o f Los Angeles, one’s gift may actually reach to the ends o f the earth, for, through its graduates, the Institute is represented op almost every mission field o f the world. Moreover, the Institute maintains a department in China, the Hunan Bible Insti­ tute, where hundreds of Chinese are trained and sent forth as native evangelists. By giving to the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, one has a share in the work o f a great interdenominational in­ stitution which offers Christian training absolutely without cost to all qualified applicants. CUT OFF ON THIS L] ............ 50c a week (or month) Bible Institute of Los Angeles 558 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, California Firmly believing in the importance o f training young people for soul-winning, I hereby agree (1 ) to pray for the work o f the Bible Institute of Los Angeles; and (2 ) to con­ tribute.............................per month for a period o f three, six, ............ 10c a week ............ 25e a week

thousands o f friends— just once each month—thus enabling them to hear, from the lips of President Talbot or Dean McCreery or some o f the other members of the Board of Directors, an account of the opportunities and possibilities and needs in connection with the work o f the Institute. Such a group would have understood, would have responded. And how easily and naturally would Institute problems have'been solved, if, at the close o f such a gathering, the offering basket had been passed and the expenses of the work had been provided through a multitude o f small g ifts ! But how can the Institute assemble its friends? It cannot, except by mail. They reside in thousands o f towns and cities and in remote regions in the United States, in Canada, and in the mission fields o f the world. The dol­ lar letter drew them together into one vast, interested com­ pany ; and their whole-hearted response clearly indicated that all the needs of the Institute could be met—month by month—by means o f just such small, consecrated amounts, if they were given with regularity. W e believe the Honor Roll will solve the problem. The Bible Institute o f Los Angeles possesses no ade­ quate endowment nor income; it looks to the Lord to meet its needs through the freewill offerings o f thousands o f friends upon whose hearts the Spirit o f God has deeply impressed the great need o f the world for the gospel of God’s grace.' WHY GIVE REGULARLY? Do you realize that if every graduate o f the Institute, and every interested friend, would merely give a small amount regularly—EACH WEEK OR EACH MONTH— the financial problem in meeting current expenses at the Institute would be solved? The Biola Honor Roll is a convenient method o f giving to the Institute. The amount sent is a voluntary offering, which may be discontinued, reduced, or increased at any time. Even more valuable than the gifts are the prayers of the donors that rise to God on behalf of this work. There are few, if any, investments that yield a greater spiritual return. W ill you be one o f several thousand Christians upon whom the Lord can depend to send a small portion regularly—each month or each week— for the maintenance o f this work that is dear to His heart?. We are “ workers together with him.” E AND MAIL TODAY--------------------------------------------------------------------------------


BIOLA HONOR ROLL $1.00 a week (or month) ..... $2.00 a week (or month) ___ $5.00 a week (or month) (Check Amount Selected•)

More than $5.00 a week (or month) Check here if coin cards are desired for convenience in mailing.

twelve ( ........................ ) months. Please place my name on the Biola Honor Roll. In reliance upon the Lord, I will endeavor to cheerfully and faithfully meet the conditions of membership.




Street No.

Date. Amount enclosed [The amount indicated may be discontinued, reduced, or increased at any time.}

If you object to cutting your magazine, a letter or post card indicating the amount you plan to give at regular intervals and your intention to pray for the BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES will be quite sufficient, and will make you-a member.

FOR THEY SAY , AND DO NOT! m x Frankly, what’s the use of saying “ Every time I see a Jew I want to take off my hat to him,” when you are not willing to take out your dol­ lar to help him know of that Name through which alone he can be saved? What’s the use of the pre- millennial doctrine if it teaches by innuendo that “ we must leave the Jews alone in this age?” Are you obeying God in your work, prayer and gifts in behalf of the Jew? Are you a layman? Just how much did you give to Jewish Missions last year? Are you a pas­ tor? How much did your church give for Jewish Missions last year? These are sober questions in this hour of overturning and overturn­ ing; for the coming of Israel’s king may be nearer than we think. And if so, the time of your stewardship is short. Certainly any careful student of world events must realize that in the crowding of tragedy upon tra­ gedy, the era of Gentile world do­ minion is about to come to a catas­ trophic end, and that now if ever is the time for the true child of God “ to speak comfortably to Jerusa­ lem.” One such devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ wrote us a few days ago, “ I feel very much bur­ dened for the Jews, and anxious not to fail the Lord.” Brother, Sis­ ter, are you failing the Lord in be­ half of Israel? Our work merits your every con­ fidence. It is a program of world wide Gospel testimony to the Jews. Our most recent “ lengthening of the cords” has been the undertaking of an intensive program of evangelism among the three million Jews of P o­ land, with Moses H. Gitlin as our Missionary Director for that field. Your fellowship in prayer and gift is always welcomed and appreciated. THE CHOSEN PEOPLE is of course sent to all contributors.

ïïht Sidle Tantily Macine Motto: “ Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood ”—R ev . 1 :5.

Volume X X V I

February, 1935

Number 2


J Around the King’s Table— Louis T . Talbot........................-................ 45 The Gospel to Israel—-David L. Cooper............... ......-........................ 46 Speak to the Heart—-K . Owen White............................-....................... 48 'J Socialism, Communism, Fascism: “ Three Unclean Spirits like Frogs”— Louis S. Bauman................................................................. 50 Starward—Louise Harrison McCraw..........................- .......................52 Junior King’s Business— Martha S. Hooker.................................... 55 Bible Institute Family Circle....................... -...................................-.......-5/ International Lesson Commentary................................................ 58 Notes on Christian Endeavor—-Mary G. Goodner...............................68 Helps for Preachers and Teachers— Paul Prichard.............................73 Daily Devotional Readings........................... 74




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A M E R I C A N B C A C D . C F M I S S I O N S . T C T E E J E M S I N C O C P C C A T E D 31 Throop Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Ask for our free booklet “ Jewish Mission Annuity BondsX

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His Compassions Fail Not

Breaking heart, draw near Him! tell to Him thy grief! He can give thee comfort— soothing, balm, relief; Thy lone, dark, deep sorrow He would fully share, Lead thee to His bosom— give thee solace there. — J. D A N SO N SMITH.

His compassions fail notl Never! Neverl Nay! Trusted ones may fail us— dearest pass away! But throughout life's journey, howe'er long it be, Will God's sweet compassions flow unceasingly.


T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

February, 1935

<_Around the King’s ‘Tables B y L ouis T . T albot

A i ln ,* A Christian Scientist Replies

(John 6 :40 ). T o believe on Christ can mean nothing dif­ ferent than to receive Him as Saviour. In Hebrews 10:5-12, we read, concerning the Lord Jesus: “ Wherefore, when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared m e : In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure. Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume o f the book it is written o f me) to do thy will, 0 God . . . Jesus Christ. . . after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God.” In other words, the will o f God provided a Saviour, by whose atoning work on Calvary redemption was wrought. And the “ fruits” o f which the Lord spoke in Matthew 7 had to do with those character changes which are the result of a personal acceptance o f Christ Jesus as Lord. W e believe that such “ fruits” Christian Scientists can never bear, for this system teaches the impossibility of the blood o f the Lord Jesus Christ to atone for sin. In Science and Health with K ey to the Scriptures, 1908 edition, page 25, we read: The material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin when it was shed upon “the accursed tree,” than when it was flowing in his veins as he went daily about his Father’s business. T o point to “ the sinning that have been reformed” through Christian Science may offer satisfaction ‘to Mr. Lombard and others who share his views, but it will bring no rest o f faith to the individual who honestly faces the declaration o f Scripture: “ Without shedding of blood is no remission.’J ( On the other hand, “ we . . . joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by wjjpm we have now received the atonement” (Rom . 5 :ll).F T h e sick that have been healed . . . and the sorrowing that have been com­ forted” may, in the minds o f some, “ constitute abundant evidence that Christian Science is doing good,” but when one scans pages o f testimonials that have been furnished by persons who say they have received benefits from this religious system, and when one finds that not one o f these letters refers to Jesus Christ as an atoning Saviour, there is serious question about the kind o f good that is meant. The sin question is the crux of the matter. And we still firmly believe that when any system o f teaching offers its followers the benefits promised by the gospel, and at the same time denies the foundation truth o f that gospel— the power o f the blood o f Jesus Christ, God’s Son, to save from all sin— that system, by whatever name it may be called, is a wolf masquerading in sheep’s clothing for the destruction o f the flocluJ-T^-J. T . Thou dying LambrThy precious blood Shall never lose its power. Till all the ransomed church of God Are saved, to sin no more. For since by faith I saw the stream Thy flowing wounds supply, Redeeming love has been my theme, And shall be till I die. ----W ILLIAM CoWPEE.

I n t h e November issue of the K in g ’ s B u s in e s s , a cartoon was published entitled “ The Bloody Wolves of the Bloodless ‘Gospels.’ ” In the picture there were a number o f ravening wolves, covered with sheep’s clothing, all trying to enter the sheepfold, “ the church,” while the unfaithful shepherd slept at the gate. One o f the wolves was named “ Christian Science.” A few weeks after this issue o f the K in g ’ s B u s in e s s was published, a representative o f the Committee on Pub­ lication for Southern California called at the editorial office of the K in g ’ s B u s in e s s and requested that the fol­ lowing letter be printed in this magazine. To the writer’s request, we are glad to accede. The letter follow s: December 12, 1934. To the Editor of the K in g ’ s B u s in e s s : A cartoon in your November issue, which does an injustice to Christian Scientists, has come to my notice. You will recall that when Christ Jesus, our great Master, said, “ Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” (Matt. 7:15), He said also, “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit . . . . Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them” (Matt. 7:18,20). The sick that have been healed, the sinning that have been reformed, and the sorrowing that have been com­ forted constitute abundant evidence that Christian Sci­ ence is doing good. Christian Scientists ask to be known by their fruits. It will be appreciated if you will print this letter in your magazine. Sincerely yours, A lbe rt E. L o m b a r d Christian Science Committee on Publication for Southern California. Our correspondent quotes the familiar words of Mat­ thew 7 2 0 : “ By their fruits ye shall know them.” But if he had gone further, and had read the next three verses in that chapter, he would have seen that the Lord Jesus expressly declared that “ many wonderful works” — in which might certainly be included miracles o f healing and other such benefits—were precisely what He did not mean by the word “ fruits.” Read the verses carefully: “ Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will o f my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name ? and in thy name have cast out devils ? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I pro­ fess unto them, I never knew y ou : depart from me, ye that work iniquity” (Matt. 7 :21-23). The “ fruits,” then, of which our Lord spoke, were closely identified with the doing o f the will o f God. What is the will o f God? The Word is explicit: “ And this is the will o f him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life”


T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

February, 1935



By DAV ID L. COOPER Los Angeles, California

T h e Lord is a God of order and system. Before the foundation o f the world, God had His plan for all eternity. During this period which we designate as “ time,” He has revealed some aspects o f His “ eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Eph. 3 :11). Though He has not disclosed all o f the various phases of this sublime plan which He at the present is unfolding, nevertheless He has shown us certain elements of it. I s r a e l t h e D iv in e C h a n n e l of W orld B l e ss in g In Genesis 12 :l-3 appears the record o f the sevenfold covenant into which God entered with Abraham. A casual study o f this passage immediately reveals the fact that the Lord has not fulfilled any o f the items o f this covenant in the manner and to the degree contemplated in the prom­ ise. Since, however, the Lord is faithful, we may be certain that He will redeem every promise that He has made and will fulfill each one to the very letter. The last item of this sevenfold covenant is couched in the following language: “ And in thee shall all the families o f the earth be blessed.”! These words are freighted with meaning. They constitute the germinal thought o f all bless­ ings, not only for Israel but for all nations. This fact be­ comes more apparent as one traces the development o f this promise upon its being renewed to Isaac and reaffirmed to Jacob. Especially does it begin to unfold itself, like the flower in the warm sunshine, as we see in the promises which the Lord made to Abraham after he attempted to offer Isaac, his son, upon the altar (cf. Gen. 22:16-18). From these and related passages it is evident that the prom­ ise o f blessing the world through Abraham is to be accom­ plished through the seed o f Abraham. From the verses just cited in Genesis 22, it is evident that “ the seed” has a two­ fold signification: first, it refers to the literal seed o f Abra­ Biblical Research Society, of, which David L. Cooper is the founder and President, has as its purpose the evangelisation o f the Jews through the medium o f the printed page. Remarkable blessing has attended this work. With its home office at 4417 Bernice Street, Los Angeles, the society cooperates with sixteen Jewish missions at home and abroad and desires to assist all faithjC? ful evangelical agencies that are attempting to reach Jewry?/ TaZT date, the society has published over 355,500 books written By Cooper and designed to appeal to the educated class o f Jewish readers. Already there have been 314,300 copies placed in the hands o f Jews. Some o f these books have appeared in a number o f languages :• English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, German, Span­ ish, Judeo-Spanisk, and Greek. The titles o f Dr. Cooper's works are: (1) The God o f Israel, (2 ) Messiah: His Nature and Per­ son, (3 ) Messiah: His Redemptive Career. These three have already appeared. A fourth volume will soon be ready for pub­ lication : Messiah: His First Coming Scheduled. This will be fol­ lowed by a fifth book: Messiah: His Historical Appearance.

ham; second, to the seed par excellence — namely, King Messiah. In the light o f these facts, we may be certain that it is the plan of God to bless all families o f the earth both in and through the Messiah and also Abraham’s literal seed, the Jews. That this interpretation is correct may be confirmed by Psalm 67. Study o f this passage reveals the fact that this hymn is one which gives us an insight into the Great Tribu­ lation which immediately precedes the establishment o f the kingdom o f God upon the earth. In the first two verses, we read the petition which the faithful remnant o f Israel at that time will utter as they plead with God for deliverance. W e see that they will implore God to be merciful to them and to spare them in order that His way might become known upon earth and His salvation among all nations. Since this poem was inspired by the infallible Spirit of God, we see clearly the plan of God for blessing the world. At the time foreseen in this psalm, the eyes o f the faithful remnant o f Israel will have been opened; they will realize the plan o f God for blessing the world, and will see that they are the chosen vessels to bear His name before all nations. The position is confirmed by Psalm 118:17. When this passage is studied in the entire connection, it will be seen that the faithful remnant o f Israel toward the close of the Great Tribulation will have learned that Israel’s divine mission is to “ declare the works o f Jehovah” to the world. As t h e C h a n n e l i n t h e E a r l y C h r is t ia n E ra When one has seen in the Old Testament the plan of God to bless the world through the seed o f Abraham, he has a right to expect that such should be the case when he turns to the New Testament. What do we find there? A c­ cording to the great commission, as is recorded in Matthew 2 8 :19, 20, our Lord instructed His disciples to preach the gospel to all nations. A t the last meeting, when He as­ cended to heaven (Acts 1 :6-l 1 ), the Lord Jesus Christ out­ lined the program o f world evangelization: They were to be His witnesses and to preach the gospel first in Jerusa­ lem, next in Judea, then in Samaria, and finally to branch out to the ends o f the earth. A casual perusal o f the book lof Acts shows that this plan was carried out implicitly. It is true, however, that we do not have a complete account of the activity carried on by the disciples o f the Lord during the first generation o f the church’s existence, but we have sufficient data to justify our coming to the conclusion that the apostles carried out these instructions to the very letter. In the spring o f a . d . 58, the Apostle Paul wrote the letter to the Roman church. In Romans . 10:16-18 he de­ clared that the gospel had gone out to the ends o f the world. In setting forth this position he quoted from Psalm 19:4


T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

February, 1935

munity before giving it to the Gentiles o f the same locality. In order that we may ascertain which position is correct, it becomes necessary for us to understand the circumstances under which the apostle’s statement was made. As has al­ ready been stated, Paul wrote the Roman letter in a . d . 58. At that time he declared that the gospel had already been given to the entire world. About that fact there can be no question. According to our Lord’s instructions and the rec­ ord found in the Acts o f the Apostles, the gospel was first preached to the Jews and then later to the Gentiles. In the light of these facts, we conclude that the gospel had already been given to the Jewish nation by a . d . 58. Nevertheless, Paul in this epistle declared that the gospel is to the Jew first. A glance at this passage shows that he was not talk­ ing about something in the past, but rather o f the situation which lay before him. In order that we may confirm this position, let us look at the context in which this statement occurs. He told this church that he had oftentimes purposed to come to them but had been hindered. The reason which he assigned for desiring to visit them was that he might

and applied the passage to the gospel record. In the light of this fact we may be certain that the gospel had flowed out to all the world in the first twenty-eight years o f the Chris­ tian era. In a . d . 63, Paul wrote by inspiration the Colos- sian letter. In chapter 1, verses 6 and 23, we see state­ ments that the gospel had been preached in all creation under heaven and was bearing fruit in all the world. Thus in one generation the apostolic church was faithful to our Lord’s instructions and gave the gospel to the entire world. Bits o f confirmatory evidence are found imbedded in be­ liefs and superstitions o f the various nations. Additional testimony in the form o f traditions comes to us from the first century. What nationality constituted the major part of the church o f God during the first generation of its existence ? Every well-informed person will immediately answer, “ Jews.” Thus the Hebrew Christian church gave the gos­ pel to the world in the first century. In a . d . 70 came the collapse o f the Jewish nation when Jerusalem fell and the people were dispersed among the nations. Misunderstand­ ing that calamity, the Jews interpreted it as evidence of divine disfavor upon the nation because it had not extermi­ nated the sect o f the Nazarene, pulling it up root and branch. Incensed by this misunderstanding, the Jews from that time onward bitterly opposed Christ and His religion. The church quickly changed its complexion from that o f a Hebrew institution to a Gentile organism. During the Sub­ sequent centuries, the Gentiles have predominated in the church. The gospel has never one time during these nine­ teen hundred years been given to all nations. Let not the reader think that in making this statement I am launching a criticism against any one, for such is not the case. Noble work has been accomplished by faithful missionaries who have laid all upon the altar o f sacrifice and have aban­ doned everything for Christ and. the gospel. Neverthe­ less, the fact remains that the gospel since a . d . 70 has never been given in any one generation to every nation upon the face o f the globe. Such a situation was to be ex­ pected in view of the Old Testament forecast. A s t h e C h a n n e l i n t h e T r ib u l a t io n Since the gifts and the calling o f God are not repented of, we may be certain that God will yet bring Israel back into line with His program. Then the chosen people will become the channel o f world blessing. Confirmation of this position is found in the seventh chapter o f Revelation. The first vision there recorded is that of one hundred forty- four thousand Hebrew servants o f God who in the midst o f the Tribulation are serving God faithfully. Immediately after this vision appears another which shows us the result o f their labors— namely, the conversion o f an innumerable host of people from every nation, tribe, tongue, and lan­ guage. That these people are blood-bought and are saved during the time o f the Great Tribulation is evident from a glance at this passage. In the light o f these facts, we are driven to the conclusion that Israel will yet carry out the plan announced to Abraham. When we study the Old Tes­ tament forecasts of the great millennial age, we see that the saved remnant at that time will become the great mission­ aries of the world. T h e G ospel for t h e J e w F ir st In Romans 1 :16, Paul declared that the gospel is to the Jew first. What does this passage mean ? Two interpre­ tations are placed upon it : first, that it was God’s will for the gospel to be given to the Jewish nation at the beginning o f the dispensation, and that since the accomplishment o f that task He no longer is interested in its being given to them while He is taking from among the Gentiles a people for His name; second, that God wishes the gospel to be given to the Jew o f every generation and o f every com­

Courtesy, Jewlsb Federation. 9 The Hebrew University at Jerusalem, Palestine, is constantly increas­ ing in popularity and prestige, being recognized as the center of na­ tional Jewish culture. The library of the university contains copies of Dr. Cooper's books on Messiah. In the group pictured above— a class in philosophy— various types of listeners are evident. Unified by a fervent nationalism, the children of Abraham flock to Palestine. When such love of "the land" is one day linked with allegiance to the now rejected Messiah, the Jews, oft scorned, will be the greatest preachers of righteousness that the world has ever known. May that day quickly come! have some fruit among them, for he realized that he was indebted both to the Greeks and to the barbarians. Feeling very keenly his responsibility, he declared that he was at that time ( a . d . 58) ready to preach the gospel to those who were at Rome. The context here shows that Paul was looking into the future when he wrote these words. Let us remember clearly that the gospel had already been given to the Jewish nation when Paul penned these words; therefore his statement that the gospel is to the Jew first applies not to the past, but to the entire dispensation. ^ This interpretation is confirmed by Paul’s practice. (I t one will read the latter half o f the Acts o f the Apostles, he will see that Paul invariably upon reaching a community where there were Jews, went to his brethren first. After having given the gospel to them, he turned to the Gentiles of that community; therefore we must interpret Paul’s lan­ guage in Romans in the light o f his practice. The conclu­ sion to which these facts bring us is that in every generation and in every place it is the will o f God that the gospel, should be given to the Jews first, then to the Gentilesr) It is1 my firm conviction that if one desires to be in the center of God’s holy, directive will, he must place the Jew in his pro­ gram where God located him. When one follows this di­ vine plan, he will find that the blessings o f God will rest upon him. [ On every hand we see evidence that this age is closing. [Continued on page 49]


T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

February, 1935

SPEAK to the HEART B y K. OWEN WH ITE* Gainesville, Georgia

T h e Hebrew language has a very terse, brief, and com­ pact way o f expressing the truth. Many of its idioms and phrases cannot be translated into English without suf­ fering loss. On the whole, the translators did a marvelous piece of work, but there are precious gems o f truth which are concealed rather than revealed by our English versions. The discovery o f such gems is adequate reward for the sometimes tedious task of poring over a strange language which has long been considered “ dead.” For an illustration o f the loss which sometimes occurs in translation, turn in your Bible to Isaiah 40:1. Chapters 40-66 o f the book o f Isaiah have been called “ The Book of Comfort,” and this great section begins with the words, “ Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God. Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem,” etc. Now this verse just as it stands has long been regarded as one o f the most gra­ cious words in the Old Testament, but a literal translation o f the words of the great eighth century prophet is^surely more impressive. What Isaiah actually wrote was: “ Speak to the heart of Jerusalem.” In Hebrew, the phrase consists o f four short words: Dibberu ’al lev Yerushalam. The Hebrew prophets were great preachers. They were the interpreters o f God to men, the champions o f a truly spiritual faith, the moral and religious reformers of their day, and the forerunners o f the gospel preachers of the New Testament dispensation. The figure o f Isaiah towers far above his contemporaries. He was a spiritual giant! At -a time when idolatry was rife, When religion was di­ vorced from conduct, when immorality was the order of the day, when the outward observances o f religion were multiplied, but when the inward spirit o f religion was lack­ ing, this great preacher came to proclaim the message o f Je­ hovah, that “ this people draw nigh, and with their mouth and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from me.” T o Isaiah, religion was preeminently a matter o f the heart. M odern M a t e r ia l is m v er su s S p ir it u a l R e l ig io n [Modern educational methods have much to say about the mind but very little about the heart. The Scriptures have much to say about the heart but comparatively little about the mind. “ Blessed are the pure in heart : for they shall see God” (Matt. 5 :8 ). “ My son, give me thine heart” (Prov. 2 3 :26 ). “ Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out o f it are the issues o f life” (Prov. 4 :23 ). Modern psychol­ ogy takes the human mind apart, examines its various ele­ ments, scrutinizes its inner workings, explains the process­ es o f thought, and reduces a man to a mere machine hope­ lessly enslaved by heredity and environment. Conviction, repentance, conversion, and regeneration are explained up­ on a purely natural basis^and the necessity for God is prac­ tically done away witQ (5) /5j If Paul were living today,, he might still say truly that the world through its wisdom knows not God. W e do not underestimate the value of research in every branch o f hu­ man knowledge. It is doubtless true that a study o f the inner workings o f the mind may be of almost inestimable value in helping us to understand human conduct and expe- *Pastor, Central Baptist Church. Dr. White was graduated from the Bible Institute of. Los Angeles in 1922.

rience, but it must always be with reverence that we ap­ proach such a study, remembering that a man is a living soul, and always allowing for the intervention of the Spirit o f God. Psychology may do much to help us in solving hu­ man problems, but there is a point beyond which it can­ not go. The modern Nicodemus still stumbles over the mystery o f the new birth. God has revealed Himself to us in various ways. He has spoken in the stars, for “ the heavens declare the glory o f God.” He has spoken in the world, and, to those who have eyes to see, “ the whole earth is filled with his, glory.” He has spoken through patriarchs, angels, prophets, and apostles. He has spoken through His Word, and He has spoken unto us by His Son. He speaks today through all these channels, and especially does He speak through His Spirit. It is to the heart that He speaks, and not merely to the intellect. A man must not believe with his mind only; for it is “ with the heart” that man believeth unto righteous­ ness (Rom . 10:10). TA man cannot love God supremely with his mind alone. Religion is a matter of the heart. The miracle of the new birth reaches to a man’s innermost being. In an age o f materialism and of pride in purely intellectual achievement, there is need for an Isaiah to “ speak to the heart.” ] (% ) fg\ T h e P l a c e of t h e P u l p it in a M odern A ge The preacher is God’s messenger. If he is not conscious o f the fact that he is the spokesman o f God, he has no right to speak. There is no reasonable defense for preaching unless the preacher is interpreting the mind o f God to his generation. The church has never been the place for an ex­ tended discussion of political issues. The pulpit has never been the place for a mere demonstration o f erudition and literary achievement. Let the pulpit speak to the heart o f a lost and bewildered world. Quite recently, a pastor on the west coast bewailed the lack o f interest shown in the services o f the average church today and called attention to the gradually dwindling crowds in many large churches. Judging from some samples o f his preaching, it is only to be wondered that the congregation was not smaller still. There was nothing at all for the heart and very little for the mind to feed on. Those who are burdened with sin do not come to church to be entertained. People who have been wrest­ ling with problems all the week do not care to listen to involved discussions o f economic affairs. Men and women whose hearts are hungry can never be satisfied when they are fed upon choice morsels of world literature. They need the Word o f God. JThere is very little value in a sermon which soars away on wings o f rhetoric far above the heads o f the hearers. The message o f the gospel should be delivered in terms which can be understood by a twelve-year-old child. Let the preacher who aspires to be eloquent be reminded that there is no highei^eloquence than the simplicity and dignity o f the Bible itselfT It is refreshing to hear a professor in (^the Department o f Old Testament in a great theological fsjkeminary urge his students to make much use o f the lan­ guage o f Scripture in their preaching. A man-made sermon may be clear, logical, and convincing and yet leave the heart untouched. The Word o f God makes a strange appeal to the heart.

February, 1935

T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S


It is quite common to hear a sermon which is filled with quotations from the great poets. Now it is unquestion­ ably true that a verse of poetry wisely chosen or the stanza o f a hymn in­ jected into the message at the right place is exceedingly effective. Let it be remembered, however, that the purpose o f the sermon is not to tickle the ears or please the aesthetic taste o f the hearers. I f a man would quote much poetry, let him be reminded that there is no poetry in all the world to compare with that which is found in the psalms o f David and in the mes­ sages o f the prophets. There is a power in the words o f the Scripture not to be discovered in the words of those who wrote under poetic inspira­ tion or frenzy. Speak to the heart! A preacher should have a sense o f humor. He should be able to see the bright side o f life. He should be able to tell a good story and tell it well, but heart-sick, burdened men and women do not go to church to be regaled with humorous anecdotes. Sin and sorrow have taken a heavy toll in this world o f ours. Je­ rusalem was crushed with the magni­ tude o f the disaster which had befallen her, and the Lord recognized her de­ spair when He said to His messenger: “ Speak to the heart o f Jerusalem.” It is small comfort to offer humorous en­ tertainment when the heart is crushed. It is of little use to offer a masterpiece o f literary perfection when the iron o f despair is in the soul. T oo long this sin-sick world has been offered stones instead o f bread. T oo long we have been held under the spell o f the wis­ dom o f the world. Too long we have depended upon “ enticing words o f man’s wisdom.” Too long we have been hampered by theological theories and expressions. God give us to see that “ the word o f God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two- edged sword, piercing even to the di­ viding asunder of soul and spirit, and o f the joints and marrow, and is a dis- cerner o f the thoughts and intents of the heart.” W e shall preach better and live better when we remembr that. From the lips o f Isaiah come an ex­ hortation and a challenge which we may easily have overlooked in read­ ing our English Bible, but no man could pick up his Hebrew Bible with­ out being arrested immediately by the startling phrase, “ Speak to the heart.” This is the task o f every believer, for y t is the supreme duty o f tian to lead others to Christ] o f materialism, an age when ever- increasing emphasis is placed upon in­ tellectual pursuits, there is need for such a challenge. T o speak to the heart, a man must speak from the

heart. God grant that our prayer may be: Speak to my heart, Lord Jesus, Purge me from every sin; Speak to my heart, Lord Jesus, Help me the lost to win. Speak to my heart, oh, speak to my heart, Speak to my heart, I pray; Yielded and still, seeking Thy will, Oh, speak to my heart today. Among prophetic students there is unanimity o f opinion on this point. While no sane, sound Bible student will set a date for the coming o f the Lord, all prophetic teachers are of the firm conviction that the coming o f the Lord draweth nigh. It may be nearer-, than most o f us begin to realizeT] It is my conviction that {the true church o f Jesus Christ will be taken out o f the world prior to the Great Tribulation. When that event occurs, the work o f God will be brought to a standstill, but during the dark days of the Great Tribulation, this work of God must be revived. How will that blessed result be brought about ? The only Scriptural answer which occurs to me is that it will be accomplished by IsraeQ^To illustrate the point, I turn to an example from nature. When one wishes to reap wheat, he sows the same; this is true o f any crop. IThe Word o f God is the seed o f the Kingdom. I f there is to be a spiritual harvest during the Great Tribulation, the church o f the present time must sow the seed o f the king­ dom. The gospel now must be given to the Jews from whom will come the Tribulation evangelists!] W e are to sow this seed in all Israel at the present time. Some o f this seed will fall upon moist spots o f earnest, honest hearts and will germinate and produce fruit, but the bulk o f the seed will fall upon the dry, barren soil o f impenitent, in­ different hearts.\The seed will remain there until it is watered by the rains o f the Great Tribulation judgments; then there will arise the mighty army o f one hundred forty-four thousand Jewish Pauls who will herald the gos­ pel o f Christ to every creature upon the face o f the globe. Then will come the great harvest and ingathering o f souls. W e who desire a mighty re­ vival and who are praying for the same should do all that we can to an­ swer our own prayers by giving the _ gospel to Israel at the present time!] In the light o f these facts, let us echo the burden o f the Apostle Pau l: “ Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.” THE GOSPEL FOR ISRAEL [Continued from page 47]

& Z )

w — i IlilllP H H K i




February, 1935

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

Socialism , Communism , Fascism “ THREE UNCLEAN SPIR ITS L IKE FROGS”

BAUMAN California

B y LOU IS S, Long Beach-

missions “ all extension, all creation of new chapels, and all active proselytizing” in Cambodia and some other terri­ tories over which the tricolor floats. It remains for Social­ istic Mexico to forbid in its schools all Bible study, the teaching of any religion by a Christian minister, and even grace before meads. In Mexico, you are no longer sup­ posed to thank God for anything— thanks to the denizens o f atheistic midnight! W,ith the growth of “ Socialistic” ideals in our own country, the non-Christian forces ascend to the greatest power they have ever wielded since the Pilgrim Fathers landed upon our shores over three hundred years ago. The Bible is being discarded in our schools, and practically so in our pulpits; the family altar disappears from our hearthstones; the saloon keeper sets up his business in marts he never before was permitted to enter; the harlot (who always offers her wares next door to the rum- seller) again flares forth her red light; the foul cigarette for the first time pollutes the breath o f our “ respectable” young womanhood; and the devil distends with glee, and his cohorts rejoice and make merry! California goes to the polls and gives nearly a million votes to a Socialist who, in his famous book, The Profits o f Religion (p. 282), wrote: “ From that time [ a . d . 365] on, Christianity has been what I have shown in this book, the chief o f the enemies o f social progress. From the days o f Constantine to the days o f Bismarck and Mark Hanna, Christ and Caesar have been one, and the Church has been the shield and armor of predatory might.” A writer o f no less caliber than Walter Lippmann states in his book, A Preface to Morals : “ The irreligion o f the o f the modern world is radical [by which he means Socialistic] to a de­ gree for which there is, I think, no counterpart.” Again, he says: “ This is the first age, I think, in the history o f mankind when the circumstances o f life have conspired with the intellectual habits o f the time to render any fixed and authoritative belief incredible to large masses of man.” Thus, as Socialism comes in the front door, faith in God goes out the back door. Socialism seeks to save the man, but insists on killing the Christian. C o m m u n i s m ? G o d l e s s ! The Communist joins with the Socialist to affirm: “ Christianity is the greatest obstacle to the progress o f mankind; therefore, it is the duty o f every citizen to help wipe out Christianity” (cf. Burden o f the Children, by Agnes Graham, Hon. Sec., Children’s Faith Crusade). Communism, in the main, is Bolshevistic, favoring “ the dic­ tatorship of the proletariat” for the carrying forward o f the full Marxian Socialist program. All the world knows that modern Communism is avowedly and officially atheis­ tic. Where Communism reigns, the souls o f men walk in rags. Nor do their bodies fare much better. The Communistic hatred for Christ, the world around, is nothing less than diabolical. “ The Internationale o f Free Thinkers, which operates outside o f Russia, has as its emblem an athlete straining to smash the cross upon which the Crucified is nailed head downward” (The Dawn,

“ Unclean” and— Godless! L et u s alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus K | o f Nazareth?” (Lk. 4 :34 ). A fitting cry, indeed, for unclean spirits in the presence of the One altogether pure! As it was when Infinite Holiness became flesh and walked the earth nearly twenty centuries ago, so it will be when He comes again. “ Three unclean spirits like frogs” — Socialism, Communism, Fascism— all anti-God, all anti- Christ, all anti-Holy Ghost— all unite in crying: “ Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth ?” S o c ia l ism ? G odless ! Only yesterday, men everywhere were inflated with the pride o f their accomplishments. They politely bowed God out o f His universe. “ The theological age is a thing o f the past. We are now in a predominantly sociological and economic era,” writes the Jew, Rabbi Edward L. Israel ( Opinion, November, 1934). But, friend Israel, the theo­ logical age cannot be a thing o f the past until the God of Israel is a thing o f the past! And that is not quite y e t! These modernizers remind us o f the old colonel, who, crossing a large lake by boat one dark night, ordered his negro oarsman to keep pulling in the direction o f a certain bright star. Meanwhile, the old colonel in his end o f the boat fell asleep. The colored man shortly was heard crying: “ Massa! Massa! Wake u p ! Gib me ’nuther sta’ ! Alt’s done sailed pas’ dat one!” The trouble with our dizzied, bedazzled and befuddled old world is that it thinks it has sailed past the Star. It has lost the way because it has lost the Way. Men have grasped the reins and turned (as they believed) the neads o f their magnificent steeds o f air, steam, and electricity to ride pompously into their Golden Age. But something suddenly crumbled. At the very gates of their goal, behold: an awful mass of wreckage! The moans of the despairing and the groans of the disillusioned, the pains o f Les Miser- ables —hundreds o f millions upon hundreds of millions, duped and degraded by materialism, fill the whole earth. Strange that the bewildered sons o f men fail to under­ stand that when the Light goes out, night comes in ! Verily, the darkness o f materialism even now covers over our mod­ ern world so thickly that it can be felt. All the boasted lights o f human invention pierce it not. As Egyptian blackness rolls in through miasmic night, strange denizens from the Stygian underworld—marked with all the pagan insignia o f that world, swastika, hammer and sickle, fasces, and whatnot— creep forth over the nations o f the earth. It was the Socialist’s god, Karl Marx, who was the first to say: “ Religion is the opium of the people.” Again, he asserted: “ The idea o f God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed.” It remains for Socialistic France to challenge the right o f Almighty God to have His message o f redeeming love delivered “ to every creature” (Mk. 16:15), by forbidding to Protestant [This article is the second o f a series o f messages on this subject, brought to K in g ’ s B u s in e s s readers by the pastor o f the First Brethren Church, Long Beach, Calif. — E ditor .]

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