Midferno 2017 (Chicago) Survey Results

Midferno 2017 (Chicago) – PRELIM SUMMARY 9/7 

Midferno Chicago (2017) was a Redfin Regional Meeting in August of 2017 for Redfin Market  Managers, Lead Agents and Support Staff who work in the Great Lakes Region.   

The goal was to bring together the team from newer markets to connect and share ideas on  a “smaller stage” than Redferno.   In attendance were Market Managers, Lead Agents, and Support Staff from MN, WI, NE, KS,  MO, and IN.  There were 6 Market Managers, 25 Lead Agents, and 1 Support Staff.  8/21 – Agents arrived into Chicago Monday Night  8/22 – Full Day Training at HUB 8AM‐5PM, Networking Event at Park Tavern 6PM‐10PM  8/23 – Agents returned to their Markets Tuesday Morning  Unbudgeted Expense was approx $650/person = $20,800 (Pending Expense confirmations) 

Travel ($200) Hotel ($275) Travel Meals ($100) Park Tavern Event ($75)  Here are the details for the post event survey with 21/32 responding:


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