Midferno 2017 (Chicago) Survey Results

Midferno 2017 (Chicago) – PRELIM SUMMARY 9/7  What did you like Best/Least about the evening event at Park Tavern?   1. It was great to mingle with the other agents since I didn't have a chance during the day.  Thank you!!  2. It was really loud but good food!  3. A great venue  4. Casual atmosphere, music, being able to mingle Witt both support staff and leadership   5. Pretzels were gone when we got there lol. Great being outdoors after being inside all  day, great view music.  A little loud to talk after we went to the other restaurant.  6. Great outdoor venue  7. Not a full on dinner but still plenty of food.  8. Wasnt present  9. Could have had more food like sandwiches, dishes, salads ‐ more like a dinner, not just  snack food. Thx.  10.Very neat venue.  It was nice to have some options for after the event.  11.Best: Being outdoors/food/drinks/conversation. Least: n/a  12.Great location and setup for the night time and community  13.More food!  14.Location and atmosphere  15.Casual atmosphere with great food.   16.outdoor setting was perfect and casual, encouraged moving around and talking to new  people  17.Perfect.  18.Nice area and easy access  19.Fun, casual  atmosphere. Liked being outside in an open area, easy to mingle.  20.The place was cool, and we had fun. It was beneficial to get a chance to talk with other  agents in the expansion markets to compare notes and understand their experiences.   21.Loved being outside. Nice atmosphere!  Food was very good.


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