Midferno 2017 (Chicago) Survey Results

Midferno 2017 (Chicago) – PRELIM SUMMARY 9/7  What would you change/add/do differently for  2018?  1. "Please continue to have top agents share their stories of success. Also any tips for  Agents Tools is always helpful. Thanks again!!"  2. Not sure, I feel overtime if we keep doing this we will build stronger connections.  It was  hard being there by myself and other markets had people with them which they stuck  together.    3. I think it would be great to meet in other Redcities and visit those offices; Minneapolfin,  Redfindy, etc.  Every year we could rotate.  4. Add more ice breaker to make sure we catch each others names  5. It seemed a little rushed.  6. I would suggest figuring out a way to mix the group up. The teams all sat together  7. Can't think of anything at this time.  8. Host in September, instead of August  9. Just more updates about new practices, procedures, and how our respective markets  can move into the "mainstream" Redfin markets complete with same services,  procedures, perks as Redfin's other major markets. WHAT do we need to do? What CAN  we do? We want to move up!  10.I'm hoping that by sometime in 2018 we have dedicated Marketing & Tour Coordinators  to complete the "team" and I think it would be interesting to be able to spend some  time with them as well as with the TC to see what their day may look like.  Just helps to  have a better understanding of each role.  11.Would like to break off with others who share my same role (Listing agents).  12.I would have to think more about this one  13.Can't think of anything to change. It was pretty great!  14.Just add breakout groups  15.It was a great forum and much appreciated!  16.Similar format, add some hands on role play and more formal best practices between  the teams.  17.More time to chat with agents in similar positions to share best practices.  18.An extra day  19.Nothing, I think this one was well planned and a perfect day!  20.I found that talking with the other Redfinians was just as helpful with how I can be a  better agent in my market as was the presentations during the day. Small group  discussions (or something..) to break up the day in the conference room I think is just as  valuable.   21.Bring on the best practices for the buy side please! Maybe split us up?


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