Hot|Cool NO.3/2016 - "Cooperation in the energy sector"


Professional discussion and feedback across companies The cooperation on the AMR project is beginning to move from the establishing phase to the operational phase. However, because the new meters provide consumption data at a much higher resolution, the project also forms a breeding ground for future cooperation between the companies. “Network- technically”, we can discuss with each other. We can optimize our losses by monitoring the network better, and it gives us a better opportunity to plan the operation and expansion of the network”, says Lars Kristensen. At the same time, he has experienced that the project has been running so well that it has tied the companies together. "We definitely have the advantage that the project unites us as businesses. We know each other well, and what we do is always to everyone's mutual benefit”, says Lars Kristensen. The same satisfaction with the project across the companies is felt by MES: "I'll put it this way: what is crucial for us as a small company is that we can be part of this cooperation. Economically, we would have a higher cost if we had to go it alone, and from the customer's point of view it is an advantage to have the readings assembled in one place”, says Henrik Brændgaard. He is therefore convinced that MES will also in the future be part of the collaboration, should there be any new developments. FACTS: THE INVOLVED UTILITIES RAH (electricity distribution and trade) MES (electricity distribution and trade) Grindsted Electricity and Heating Plant Ikast Plants (electricity, water and heating) Thy / Mors Energy (electricity distribution and trade) Struer Utility (electricity, water and heating) Ringkøbing District Heating Company Ringkøbing-Skjern Utility (water company)

The company installed the last meters at the end of 2015 and is now looking forward to really utilise the new opportunities.

"We will have some costs for IT, which we did not have before - but in turn, we save some administrative expenses. In economic terms, it is not certain that it is an advantage for us, but the consumers will get a better overview of their consumption and no longer have to read the meter and submit a statement. In the long term, we must ensure additional value to both consumers and ourselves with the extra data that the new meters provide”, says Henrik Brændgaard. Full overview to the consumer With the newmeters the electricity, water and heating customers do not have to read their consumption but it is far from the only benefit. The new meters collect even more data on customer consumption, and the cooperation has opened the door to utilize the data better. " (consumerweb) is our way of showing our clients a comprehensive overview of their consumption. What is unique about our relationship is that it's different companies that enter the data into the website, so that the customers can see their consumption of both water, heating and electricity - in one place”, says Lars Kristensen. At the same time, it was important for the consumer-owned electricity companies to show the consumer's own data in a way that is easy to understand and benefit from. “It is very important to us that it is user-friendly and simple, so you can get an overview quickly. We are the first to make a consumers' web showing the economic numbers instead of e.g. consumption in kWh. We show our customers that if their consumption continues as it is now, then they will have to pay e.g. 400 DKK more by the end of the year”, says Lars Kristensen. In addition to an overview of personal consumption - of electricity, water and heat – the platform also allows the customer to compare his household with similar households. This makes it possible for the household to see if the consumption is higher than similar households, thus providing the customer with an incentive to save. “At the same time, the customer can put alarms on different things within the system, so that they e.g. get notified if there is a leak in the summer cottage”, explains Lars Kristensen. However, the extra data is not just for customers' sake - it also has great value for the utilities, as they gain more knowledge about the pressures in the network at the customers' end.

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