Hot|Cool NO.3/2016 - "Cooperation in the energy sector"


By Klaus Risom, PR Advisor, Integral

Arcon-Sunmark is the turn-key supplier of the record breaking solar heating solution, and the project underlines the company’s position as a market leader within large-scale solutions.

Two very different projects demonstrate the increasing importance of solar heating in Denmark and the flexibility of the solutions combining large-scale solar heating with other energy sources. In the city of Silkeborg, they are constructing the largest solar heating solution in the world, and in the small community of Trustrup-Lyngby, they recently completed a solar heating solution reducing the heating costs by 30% for an average household.

”We are honored to have been selected as the supplier for this huge and important project by the city of Silkeborg. Large- scale solar heating is both environmentally sound and cost-effective, and alongside the other visionary initiatives underway in Silkeborg, the solar heating solution will benefit the citizens for many years to come”, says Søren Elisiussen, CEO, Arcon-Sunmark.

Facts about the Silkeborg solar heating solution: • Number of collectors: 12,436 • Collector area in m2: 156,694 m2 • Location: Silkeborg, Denmark • Annual production: 80,000 MWh • Peak effect: 110 MW • Annual demand covered: 20% • Additional energy source used at the plant: gas and surplus electricity (80%) • In operation: end of 2016 • Life span: 25 years minimum


The construction of the 156,694 m2 collector field (equivalent of 22 football pitchets) is still in the early stages, but in six months’ time the largest solar heating solution in the world will be completed on the outskirts of the city of Silkeborg, Denmark. The solution will produce 80,000 MWh per year and supply the district heating plant with 20% of the yearly demand. The supply is the equivalent of the yearly heating needs of 4,400 households. “We have analyzed the available options thoroughly in order to secure the future heat supply in Silkeborg in both an economic and environmental responsible manner. The solar heating solution is an important part of this together with other initiatives”, says Leif Bæk, chairman of the board, Silkeborg Forsyning. What is actually unique about the solar plant is that it is baseload and therefore always feeds the heat it produces directly into the network, as opposed to many places elsewhere, where the production takes place all summer and is then used in autumn/ winter. The solar heating solution and an optimization of the plant in general is the first step in reorganizing the heating supply in Silkeborg. By installing the solar heating solution at the plant the increase in costs are neutralized by equivalent savings on the heat production.

Old industrial site transformed into solar collector field Until the end of 2015, an old abandoned factory that used to produce feed for the mink industry in Denmark was quite an annoyance for the people living in the community of Trustrup-Lyngby in Denmark. The heating plant was about to be modernized and the management found out that they could acquire the old factory, clear the areas of old buildings and rubbish, and instead erect a 7,245 m2 solar collector field producing renewable and clean energy. ”Trustrup-Lyngby is a fine example of how a large-scale solar heating solution can generate several positive side effects for the community. Solar thermal energy is 100% clean energy and additionally the modern solar heating systems generate a cost competitive heating price for the customers. It makes environmental as well as economic sense to use former industrial sites or other vacant premises for a modern large-scale solar


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