Hot|Cool NO.3/2016 - "Cooperation in the energy sector"


heating installation. Locations that you would normally deem useless can be converted into sound, sustainable business. These aspects become even more obvious in densely populated areas where space is quite often an issue to be dealt with”, says Søren Elisiussen. In the case of Trustrup-Lyngby, the factory was situated right next to the heating plant. However, a collector field can in fact be located several kilometers away from the heating station itself. This means that in areas with a scarcity of available land, management may be looking for vacant industry facilities or similar opportunities in a wide radius. Add to this that instead of leaving contaminated areas unused for years, a solar heating solution, which is not affected by the polluted underground, will attract a fine biodiversity so that efficient energy supply and environmental considerations go hand in hand. Besides finding good use for the polluted and abandoned industry lot, the heating plant in Trustrup-Lyngby will be able to cut the yearly heating price by an astonishing rate of 30%, which the households connected to the heating plant may fully enjoy, as they will see an immediate price reduction on their annual heating bills. The average household will get an annual price reduction of 675 Euro. 30% of the annual energy production comes from solar thermal energy, and the heating price offered by the plant is now among the 30 cheapest in Denmark. ”Large-scale solar heating is a sensible path to choose both in regard to the environment and financially. Our analyses and calculations have been thorough”, says Michael Meldgaard Christensen, daily manager at Trustrup-Lyngby heating plant. During the summer, the plant is solely depending on the solar heating solution for four months. This means that maintenance on the wood chip boiler can be conducted in a preplanned and cost-effective manner, which is expected to prolong the lifespan of the boiler by approximately ten years. Facts about the Trustrup-Lyngby solar heating solution: • Number of collectors: 575 • Collector area in m2: 7,245 m2 • Location, Trustrup-Lyngby, Denmark • Peak effect: 5.1 MW • Annual demand covered: 30% • Additional energy source used at the plant: wood chips (70%)


About large-scale solar heating: • Large-scale solar heating is a proven technology with an outstanding track record of supplying clean and cost-effective energy for a number of purposes, including district heating and process heating for industrial purposes. • Large-scale solar heating solutions have a lifespan of at least 25 years, which gives fixed price for the energy supplied over the same period of time. In comparison, the price of fossil fuel energy is fluctuating over time. • The sun is the cleanest of all energy sources, and the most powerful source of sustainable energy. It emits no CO2. A typical solar heating installation will reduce a district heating plant’s CO2 emission by about 2 tons a year for each household it supplies. Furthermore, it makes no noise, does not smell and does not spoil the environment. • Solar heating works when the sky is not clear – but of course with less intensity. The important thing is that a solar thermal plant does not need constant sunshine to maintain efficiency. • As opposed to other alternative energy sources, the energy in hot water can be stored and used for day to night variation, as well as seasonal storage, from summer to winter, extending the use of the sun and making the solutions even more profitable. • A large-scale solar heating system is 4-6 times more efficient than solar heating installations in individual homes.

• Price reduction for users: 30% • In operation: summer 2016 • Life span: 25 years minimum

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