Craig Davison


PESKY KIDS! Canvas on Board | Framed 37” x 28” | £575 | Edition of 195

Art has been a constant companion for Craig Davison since childhood. At the beginning of his artistic career, Davison worked both as a cartoonist and at a computer games company as an animator and designer; and the experience he gained from both positions can be seen in his instantly recognisable fine art pieces today. In 2007, his career took yet another turn when he entered a competition held by leading fine art publisher Washington Green, which brought his art firmly into the spotlight of the UK contemporary art scene. Davison takes great inspiration from comic book artist Mike Mignola, Yoshitomo Nara’s characterisation, the energy of Goya and the superb illustrations of N.C. Wyeth. However, he maintains that his biggest source of ideas and creativity comes from memories of his childhood; the feeling of freedom the school holidays gave, the joyous abandon of racing around on bikes, the escapism from imaginative games of make believe – all of which he hopes to capture within his artwork. As a result, Craig Davison’s art is a clever amalgamation of comic book styling and endlessly relatable memories that are both arresting and also unashamedly nostalgic in their evocation of childhood.

EXPRESS YOURSELF Canvas on Board | Framed 37” x 29” | £595 | Edition of 195

LIKE ZOINKS!! Canvas on Board Framed 23” x 33” £425 | Edition of 195


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