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to come. In parallel, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has produced a wonderful report setting out the advantages of the technology and highlighting its potential to make a major contribution to the fight against climate change. What now? Anyone who believes that COP21 really secured the future of our planet has been reading too many of his own press statements! Equally, it does almost nothing to secure the future of the district energy business. We wake up to the same challenges that were there before the meetings in Paris. The economy is shaky, the popular consensus about the reality of climate change is inexplicably fragile, and the politics and economics of reimagining our energy system remain horribly complex. But it’s worth remembering that it could have been much much worse. We have an agreement in principle to try to solve this problem, and we know that our technology can make a major contribution. Now it is the turn of our industry to step up, day by day, city by city, street by street and deliver practical solutions that really work. I am quietly confident we can get it done. In fact, I’m already looking forward to the champagne when it’s over!

In a world where business as usual will no longer be an option, district energy can suddenly become an extremely hot topic. At Euroheat & Power, we have observed first hand the power of these simple ideas. Heating and cooling, for decades an afterthought (if it was considered at all!) in the European energy policy debate has exploded on to the political agenda in the past 12 months. On February 16th, the European Commission published the first ever EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling. It makes it abundantly clear that the decarbonisation of the European energy system (the EU has set a target of 80-95%GHG reduction by 2050) cannot be carried out without fundamental change in the way we heat and cool our buildings. District energy, networks, with their ability to deliver low carbon heat into cities, emerge as a headline solution. This political message from Brussels should have knock-on effects in decision-making processes at national and local level across Europe in the years

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