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BA SYSTEMS BA Systems offers a proven system the can be scaled from small installations to large installations including very complex control and spanning large geographical areas. Buildings are subjected to the influence of changing weather conditions and must be controlled as environmentally responsibly as possible during actual conditions. Giving owners and users access to relevant data makes it possible to control and superviser buildings. This makes it possible to maintain best indoor environment for people working there, but also makes it possible to be energy efficient. As specialists in automation and control, BA Systems offers integrated solutions for the business areas energy- and infrastructure, industry, datacenters, network, bui lding automat ion and housing. The solutions make the energy safer, reliable and effective. BA Systems works with indoor climate, energy savings and security, safeguarding good economy, well-being and safety – without the use of excess energy.

DANISH ENERGY SYSTEM Danish Energy Systems is a Danish plant constructor with more than 35 years of know-how in building biomass fired boiler plants. The company designs, manufactures and erects tailor made combustion equipment for nearly all kind of biomass such as i.e. straw, wood chip, wood waste, agricultural waste, and waste from many kinds of industries. With a distinctive and broad knowledge the company is among the leading companies in the industry. The biomass combustion equipment is delivered direct to end customers as well as to a number of suppliers of biomass fired boiler plants around the world. In connection with bio-waste heat systems tailored to the specific requirements of the customers, license holders supply turn-key plants for nearly all specifications. Since 1996, Danish Energy Systems is a subsidiary of the OSCHATZ Group, a globally operating company in the fields of plant construction, energy recovery and environmental technology.

INTEGO Intego i s one of Denmark’s most special ised and customer-oriented companies within the field of electrical technology solutions intended for clients within the following sectors: Corporate, Industry and Infrastructure. Our head office is located in Aalborg, and along with 10 other departments in Denmark, the organisation employs more than 550 skilled members of staff. The local presence enables clients to draw upon the services of a local supplier with a nation-wide network and reach, thus ensuring maximum flexibility and efficiency. Intego takes pride in making the services available 24 hours a day all year round, possessing extensive knowledge of the industry in which the company operates and has great insight into the facilities and challenges of the clients. Client satisfaction is the main objective throughout all aspects of operations. Intego is an ISO 9001 certified company.

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