HOT|COOL NO.1/2016 "COP21"

An unbeatable combination with unique flexibility for your cooling applications

Extended range VF3 large – best in class rangeability and leakage rate, combined with a smarter actuator.

The VF3 large valve has only 0.01% Kvs leakage and 50:1 control ratio and is perfectly suited for both mixing and diverting applications. The new range is covering flows from 630 m3/h to 1350 m3/h. The AME 685, an actuator with possibility to modify its static characteristic according to systems needs, with 5000N force and selectable speed. Equipped with automatic modification of dynamic characteristic the actuator is able to prevent system temperature oscillations. A valve with extended range from DN 200 to DN 300 for mixing and diverting applications combined with a stronger and faster actuator for modulation and 3 point control.

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