Residential Flooring Buyer's Guide

This Residential Flooring Buyer's Guide is your source for fitness/exercise athletic flooring, interlocking floor tiles, and wet area surface matting for homes.

Residential Flooring

Buyer’s Guide

Your Guide for DIY Home Flooring

Tuff-Roll recycled rubber flooring

Economical Rubber Flooring

• Idea for home gyms • Durable • Seamless appearance

• 100% recycled rubber • Absorbs impact • Easy to clean/maintain • Virtually odorless

• Water resistant • Stain resistant

4 ft wide rolls 5/16” thick

Circuit 1: 0-15% EPDM Fleck

Quick Ship

Grey, Blue, Red, and Black 4 ft. x 50 ft. and 4 ft. x 25 ft.

Circuit 1 Black

Circuit 1 Grey

Circuit 1 Red

Circuit 1 Blue



Tuff-Lock interlocking rubber tiles

24” x 24” tiles 5/16” thick

Tuff-Lock ™ offers durability, great looks, and easy maintenance with the added advantage of easy-to-install, interlocking tiles. The 24” x 24” puzzle-cut tiles are easy to handle and fit together without the need for messy adhesives. Interlocking Rubber Tiles

No Adhesive Necessary

Black 08

Blue 10

Grey 11

Blue/Grey 04

Cocoa 12






FitZone Home interlocking flooring

Quick & Easy Installation FitZone Home tiles are easy to cut and fit in rooms of all sizes. Installation does not require messy adhesives, special tools, or

extensive floor preparation. Easy to Clean & Maintain

FitZone Home is water resistant, stain resistant, and is easy to clean with a broom or vacuum, mop, and mild detergent. The synthetic, interlocking tiles fit together tightly, preventing water, dust, and dirt from filtering through. 40% Shock Absorption (Class 3 per ASTM F2772) FitZone Home is comprised of millions of micro air bubbles that absorb impact, sound, and vibration from fitness equipment. It also acts as an insulation barrier making it great to use in damp basements. Unique Underside Moisture Barrier FitZone Home tiles are perfect for fitness areas, playrooms, and recreation rooms in basements where there could be a moisture issue. Bacteriostatic, Mold Resistant, Hypoallergenic FitZone Home promotes a healthy living environment with its bacteriostatic, mold resistant, and hypoallergenic qualities. Variety of Applications FitZone Home is ideal for a variety of applications including home fitness areas, playrooms, home offices, basements, recreation rooms, lofts, and bedrooms.


10 Year Wear Warranty

Your Home. Your Lifestyle. Your Flooring.





Marble Gray

Black Marble

24” x 24” tiles 5/16” thick


No Adhesive Necessary

Free Samples Upon Request!


Color variations may differ from catalog.

FitZone Total Home vinyl plank flooring

FitZone Total Home Vinyl Plank Flooring

FitZone Total Home is a performance vinyl plank flooring that features 2mm vinyl fusion bonded to a 5mm VCR base layer to create a vinyl tile product that simply performs better. FitZone Home is safer, quieter, and more ergonomic than traditional LVT products. You get realistic wood visuals with the same great performance you expect, but in a plank. Key Benefits • Easy to install and maintain • Ergonomic underfoot • Natural wood variation among planks

6” or 6.25” width 7mm thick x 48” long

Silver (6”) 1002

Camel (6”) 1009

Smokey (6”) 1008

Urban (6”) 1000

Stone (6”) 1004

Iron (6.25”) 1003

Rock (6.25”) 1006

Oak (6.25”) 1001

Northwoods (6.25”) 1005

Dark Brown(6.25”) 1007

Equipment mats

Kiefer Equipment Mats Kiefer Equipment Mats are the solution for instant floor protection. Extremely durable and can be laid over any surface. Kiefer Equipment Mats are made from 100% recycled rubber for the ultimate and hard surface protection. Mats will not tear, rip, gouge, or compress like foam or sponge vinyl matting.

4’ x 6.5’ Mat 5/16” thick

Solid Black

Grey Fleck



Home Gym flooring

Mondo Advance Home Gym Rubber Flooring

Advance has been established as the most durable and highest performing gymnasium/multi-purpose synthetic surface in the industry. Advance can meet all the demands of multi-purpose use, such as a home gym, weight room, or basement flooring. Advance is 100% recyclable and has a 10 year wear warranty.

Must be a certified installer.

6’ wide Roll

L08 Black

L06 Dark Grey

L70 Light Grey

L14 Dark Green

L35 Emerald

Advance: 2 layers Thicknesses: 15 /64” (6mm), 5 /16” (8mm), 25 /64” (10mm) Advance PRO: 3 layers Thicknesses: 5 /16” (8mm), 25 /64” (10mm)

L41 Red

L92 Dark Maple

L62 Sand

L73 Royal Blue

L86 Marine Blue

L25 Burgundy

L26 Purple

L136 Brown

L40 Orange

L54 Gold

Dura-Flex™ Rebound vinyl flooring

Dura-Flex™ Rebound This flooring features a 2 millimeter (mm) vinyl wear layer that looks like real wood and is engineered with a 5 mm 98-percent recycled rubber backing. For use in home gyms, cardio rooms, multi-purpose rooms, and sport courts.

Available in 4 colors:

Wheat ES203

Chestnut ES204

Chocolate ES205

Graphite ES206

6’ wide x 30’ Roll


PEM - Slip Resistant Aquatic Matting • Soft plastic construction provides comfort for bare feet • Textured surface reduces slippage under wet conditions • Antimicrobial formula guards against the growth of mildew, fungi, and bacteria • Easy to clean with sweeping or wash down

Available in 2, 3, 4 and 6ft widths Available in 5, 10, and 15ft lengths Thicknesses: 1 / 4 ” & 3 / 8 ”

Grey - 11

Blue - 10

Sandstone - 62

All products online at Call for Dealer Price List 877-291-5355 Revised 09/2023

Green - 41

Brown - 00*

Black - 08*

* Not available in 1 / 4 ” thickness

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