Peak Motion: The Ideal Treatment For Low Back Pain

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March, 2019


Introducing the AstymTherapy Rapid Recovery Program. Many of you have experienced the soft tissue regeneration and rejuvenation effects of the Astym Therapy as part of your Peak Motion treatment program. Continuing with Astym Therapy for maintenance and aftercare is a request we frequently hear. Whether you do CrossFit, run marathons, compete in Triathalons or are just committed to staying fit, Astym Therapy will help you recover faster from your workout. AstymTherapy stimulates nerve firing, increases circulation and cleans out metabolic waste to accelerate soft tissue regeneration and recovery. The AstymTherapy will help take your training to the next level, by boosting your current

training recovery program (proper hydration, nutrition, stretching, massage?, etc.). In just 15 minutes we can cover your lower body or upper body. We recommend 1-2 sessions per week for best results. Call today to schedule an appointment before your next workout to experience the Astym Therapy difference! Astym Therapy Rapid Recovery Program pricing: • Per Session: $50 • 6 Pack: $275 • Per Month: $325 (limit 8 sessions per month) (Best Value)


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