Surviving Injury

Vocational Therapy Following a crash, victims and survivors may find themselves unable to work. As part of the rehabilitative regimen, many rehabilitation facilities offer vocational therapy or vocational counseling. Many people mistakenly believe that occupational therapy provides victims and survivors the skills they need to re-enter the workforce.

Vocational counselor can be key to assisting injured victim and survivors with re-entry into the workforce.

Although occupational therapists may offer some vocational- oriented interventions, vocational counselors specialize in assisting injured victims and survivors to re-enter the workforce. Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapy Generally, complementary and alternative medicine refers to those medical interventions that are not recognized by traditional schools of medicine. Many alternative therapies are

not taught in medical schools, nor are they used to treat injury or illness. Frequently they are not reimbursed by insurance companies. However, recent trends indicate that this may be changing.

Alternative therapies are not always covered by insurance.

Complementary and alternative therapies include a wide range of healing approaches, therapies, and philosophies. Complementary therapies are those interventions that are implemented to compliment more traditional interventions. Alternative therapies are those treatments that are implemented when traditional interventions do not work. Tips for Injured Victims in Rehabilitation Rehabilitation does not “fix” an injury, per say, but the hope is that rehabilitation offers tools that will help you either recover fully or adjust to your circumstances. Here are a few tips to enhance your rehabilitation experience: • Create your treatment plan with your rehabilitative team. Rehabilitation treatment plans are goal focused. While rehabilitation specialists develop and implements a plan of care, the plan should include your valuable input as the victim and survivor. After all, no one knows your body better than you,

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