Surviving Injury

you and love you, to try to recover as much as possible.

Accepting Limitations It is not difficult to remember what happened to you. You may be reminded of it every time you take a shower, look in the mirror, or take a step. You may be shaped or move differently

than you did before. You may become physically and mentally exhausted sooner than you once did. You may need to plan your time and energy carefully, possibly on an hour by hour basis. Little by little, your self-image must be adjusted to your new reality. Understand that you will grieve over what has been lost.

You may need to plan your time and energy carefully until you are able to do more.

As you grow to accept the limitations stemming from your injuries, try to be in touch with both your feelings and rational thinking. Feel what you feel. It is okay to be overwhelmed by your feelings sometimes, as long as you are not overwhelmed all the time. But try to base most of your behavior on rational and appropriate thinking. At some point it is critical to accept that you are a person who has survived a terrible trauma, that you are changed and that you are moving on with your life. It will not be easy; however, it will get easier over time. You must set goals for yourself. Spend time with people who accept you as you are and find a way to do meaningful work. Keep your goals realistic. Work on them one at a time so that you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Your interests, concerns, and values may be different now. Your life may be divided into two segments: before the crash and after the crash. You will probably discover strengths you never knew you had. As much as possible, move your focus from what you lost to what you can do now. Helping Family and Friends Cope

Often life is segmented as before the crash and after the crash.

You may find that your family and friends avoid discussing certain components of the crash or your injuries with you. They may talk down to you, as if you were a child. Strive for honest


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