Surviving Injury

foster independence but balance this with an appropriate level of support, their children seem to respond positively and adjust to their new lives.

Resources for Injured Victims and Their Loved Ones

To reach out to talk with someone about what you are going through, to find resources, or to get involved, call the MADD Victim Services Help Line at 1-877-MADD-HELP or 1-877-623- 3435 to be connected to a MADD Victim Advocate who is ready and willing to listen and help. You are not alone. A local MADD chapter can help connect you with other injured victims and survivors of substance impaired driving

crashes. If you do not have family or close friends to depend on for support, regular phone contact with other injured victims and survivors and a MADD Victim Advocate can be a lifesaver. You may be helped by sharing common feelings and coping strategies. MADD can also connect you with resources that might be available. Finances are often devastated after a substance

You are not alone.

impaired driving crash causing injuries. The struggle to deal with insurance companies, find resources, or pay the bills is a common occurrence. It’s important to try to identify what resources are available to you and your family; however, that can be especially difficult when trying to focus on healing after a crash. MADD Victim Advocates can provide information on programs available for victims of crime or aid available through local emergency assistance programs.

Later on, if you begin to feel that you have enough energy to volunteer with MADD, you might decide to visit other recently injured victims and survivors to give them hope and share what you have learned. Many people find that it helps them a great deal to do something constructive to stop substance

Help may be available, find others who can connect you with resources.

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