Surviving Injury

• Poor decision making, judgment, and reasoning

Brain injury can also cause physical problems such as: • Fatigue • Restless sleeping • Dizziness • Headaches • Speech problems Such symptoms may decrease a person’s tolerance for stress. Everyday issues can be overwhelming and cause frustration.

Psychological problems that can also result from head injury include:

• Sadness and despair • Denial of limitations

• Lack of interest in previous activities • Intense or highly changeable emotions • Acting impulsively • Lack of self-awareness • Increased or decreased sexual interest • Lack of appropriate social behavior

Some people recognize the changes that have occurred; others do not. Few recognize their own inappropriate social interactions. Some resent others who attempt to control or change their behaviors, which can be very frustrating for family members and other caregivers. With mild to moderate injuries, the symptoms may seem reasonably unimportant at first. Only when an individual For more information about brain injury you

can visit The Brain Injury Association of America at

attempts to resume normal activities at home, work, or school, do the symptoms become more noticeable and frustrating.

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