2017 November catalogue


LAYOUT: Deborah Byrne, TAS.

November 2017

The Azza Scrap Kit contains: 12 illustrated layouts, 4 laminated sheets of design suggestions, 1 sheet of paper figures (15x30) 1 A4 decoration stencil, one layout stencil 30x30, 6 album pages in new range colours + an Album NOTE: This stencil is available in this kit ONLY. It is not sold separately.

KIT 947 Kit AZZA Scrap ‘Souvenir’ • AU$70.00 NZ$84.00

ALB 1011 REPORTAGE ALBUM ‘Souvenir’ (30x30cm) • AU$39.00 NZ$46.80

LAYOUT: Hilary Hamilton, Vic


November 2017

TAM 3006 Ruby Stamp Set ‘Water’ (8x10cm) • AU$9.90 NZ$11.90

PAP 261 A4 Sketches sheet ‘Water’ (A4 - 200gr) • AU$3.50 NZ$4.50



DIE 095 Cutting Die ‘Water Frieze’ AU$38.00 NZ$45.60

PAP 0031 Printed Papers Pack ‘Water’ (A4 - 8 pages - 4x2 motifs - double-sided -90gr) AU$9.90 NZ$11.90

TAM 757 Micro-stamp ‘Hose’ (6,5x6.5cm) AU$9.90 NZ$11.90


November 2017

TAM 758 Ruby Stamp Set ‘Sea and Boat’ (6.5x6.5cm) • AU$9.90 NZ$11.90

TAM 3008 Ruby Stamp Set ‘Beach Cabins’ (8x10cm) • AU$13.50 NZ$16.20

TAM 3007 Ruby Stamp Set ‘Shells and Ropes’ (8x10cm) • AU$13.50 NZ$16.20


GAB 273 Texture Stencil duo ‘Shells and Ropes’ (15x10.5cm) AU$16.50 NZ$19.80


PAP 258 A4 Sketches sheet ‘Sea and Boat’ (A4 - 200gr) • AU$3.50 NZ$4.20

PAP 0032 Printed Papers ‘Sea and Boat’ (A4 - 8 pages - 4x2 motifs - double-sided - 8 pages - - 90gr) AU$9.90 NZ$11.90




PAP 1074 Silhouette Figures ‘Sea and Boat’ (18x12cm) • AU$9.90 NZ$11.90


EMB 030 Embossing Folder ‘ Sea and Boat ’ AU$12.00 NZ$14.40


November 2017

PAP 1077 Silhouette Figures ‘Tropical’ (18x12cm) • AU$9.90 NZ$11.90

TAM 3017 Ruby Stamp Set

‘Tropical’ (8x10cm) • AU$13.50 NZ$16.20

TAM 3015 Ruby Stamp Set ‘Holiday Club’ (8x10cm) • AU$13.50 NZ$16.20

TAM 3016 Ruby Stamp Set ‘Camping Club’ (8x10cm) • AU$13.50 NZ$16.20

GAB 1309 Decoration stencil duo ‘Tropical’ (15x10.5cm) • AU$15.00 NZ$18.00

GAB 276 Texture Stencil Duo ‘Tropical’ (15x10.5cm) AU$16.50 NZ$19.80


Use the ‘Find a Consultant’ link on our website azzaworld.com.au to find your nearest Consultant, who can offer infor- mation and classes to learn this style! Would you like to turn your enjoyable hobby into a small business for yourself? Contact Hilary Hamilton at hilaryhamilton.azza@hotmail.com for more information. Azza Pacific recently held it’s 9th Annual Consultant Conference at Brookfield, Queensland. It was a time of scrapping, finding out the latest product information, catching up with distant members of the team and enjoying a common passion. Here’s a few ‘candid’ photos of the event, plus a more formal look at part of the Azza Pacific Team.


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