The Howard School | Sixth Form Prospectus

Social Science Pathway

If you are thinking of a career in Social Science, you may wish to consider taking your A-Levels from the choice of subjects listed within the Social Science pathway.

You can, however, select 3 subjects of your choice from the full list of A-Level and Applied General courses on offer within the prospectus, if a pathway is not suitable for you.

English Lit & Lang Geography History Philosophy & Ethics Psychology Sociology

What skills will I develop studying these subjects?

• Have research skills • Be able to analyse and evaluate problems and issues • Be able to collect and interpret statistical data • Have an awareness and sensitivity of the needs and values of others • Communicate, debate and develop logical arguments • Have planning and time management skills • Have group-work skills

Careers opportunities in Social Sciences

• Police • Psychologist / Counsellor • Equality & Diversity Officer • Teacher • Housing Officer

• Intelligence Analyst • Social / Youth Worker • Prison Officer • Researcher • Charity Officer

• Local Government Officer • Rehabilitation Consultant • Legal Career • International Aid / Development Worker • Immigration and Customs Roles


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