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History A-Level History

Subject History

Exam Board AQA Specification Numbers 7042

Teachers Responsible

Miss Watts, Miss Turney

Introduction History is all around us. If you have an interest in the world around you, the society you live in, and how it has developed, if you like learning about people, how they interact and what motivates them, and about different countries, societies and cultures, then History is for you.

Students will study three components; A breadth study: The Tudors: England, 1485-1603 A depth study: Democracy and Nazism: 1918-1945

and a personal investigation covering the struggle for civil rights in America. This will involve the study of significant historical developments over a period of around 100 years and the associated historical interpretations. To develop key skills of research, analysis and communication of ideas and develop an understanding of significant historical events, the role of individuals in history and the nature of change over time. As well as this, students will gain a deeper understanding of the past via the study of a range of evidence and interpretations in order to appreciate the past from a political, social, economic or cultural perspective. Components one and two are written exams which are assessed at the end of the two year course. Both papers will have a compulsory question linked to historical interpretations/ evidence as well as a choice of two essay style questions.

Aims of the Course

How You Are Assessed

The third component will be a personal historical investigation.

Paper 1C: 40% of the qualification Paper 2O: 40% of the qualification Non-examination assessment: 20% of the qualification

Links to Future Careers

History A-Level provides a sound basis for the study of history and other academic subjects at a higher level such as law & politics, or careers in architecture, the armed forces, journalism, medicine, advertising, law, the arts or the public sector such as the police and the Civil Service. History provides the ability to handle information, make judgements and express ideas clearly.

Entry Requirement Grade 5 in History and Grade 4 in English


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