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Psychology BTEC Psychology

Subject BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Applied Psychology Exam Board Pearson Specification Numbers 603/3058/2

Teacher Responsible

J Rance

Introduction Students will explore four key approaches in psychology – social, cognitive, learning and biological – and apply these approaches to issues relevant to contemporary society.

They will also develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the scientific process and in psychological research methodology through their own psychological research project.

Aims of the Course

There are 4 units to be completed over two years. The three core units are:

1 - Psychological Approaches and Applications (Externally Assessed) 2 - Conducting Psychological Research (Internally Assessed) 3 - Health Psychology (Externally Assessed)

The additional unit will be: • Introduction to Psychopathology

How You Are Assessed

Two of the core units are externally assessed and one core unit is internally assessed. All option units are internally assessed.

Each unit within the qualification has specified assessment and grading criteria which are to be used for grading purposes.

A summative unit grade can be awarded at pass, merit or distinction:

• To achieve a ‘pass’ a learner must have satisfied all the pass assessment criteria. • To achieve a ‘merit’ a learner must additionally have satisfied all the merit grading criteria. • To achieve a ‘distinction’ a learner must additionally have satisfied all the distinction grading criteria.

Links to Future Careers

This course will help in preparing students for a degree programme of study in Sports Coaching, Early Years Education and Teaching to name just a few examples.

Entry Requirement Grade 5 English Language, Grade 5-5 Combined Science


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