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Criminology Level 3 Criminology

Subject Criminology

Exam Board WJEC Specification Numbers


Teacher Responsible

Miss Rance

Introduction There are four units in the course.

Two will be studied in Year 12 and two will be studied in Year 13.

Year 12 Content Unit One: Changing awareness of crime Unit Two: Criminological theories

Year 13 Content Unit Three: From the crime scene to the courtroom Unit Four: Crime and punishment

Aims of the Course

This course aims to provide the students with a strong foundation in the criminal process and those factors that might impact how a crime is reported and the outcome of a trial.

It deals with theories behind crime and criminality and the people and organisation who are involved in the legal process. While most lessons are classroom based, the course does encourage collaboration in some research tasks and will feature visits and talks by those involved in the criminal process.

How You Are Assessed

This course is broken down into four units, two of which will be studied in Year 12 and two in Year 13.

There are two units which are coursework based and two which are exam based. In Year 12, the students will submit their coursework and they will write an exam in June. This is the same for Year 13.

The coursework unit is worth 50% of the final grade and the exam accounts for the remaining 50%.

Grades are awarded from A*-E.

Links to Future Careers

National Probation service The courts and tribunal service The National Offender Management Service

Entry Requirement Grade 4 in either English Literature or English Language


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