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Media Studies A-Level Media Studies

How You Are Assessed

Component 2: Media Forms and Products in Depth (2 hours 30 minutes)

The examination assesses media language, representation, media industries, audiences and media contexts. It consists of three sections:

Section A – Television in the Global Age

Section B – Magazines: Mainstream and Alternative Media

Section C – Media in the Online Age

The third element of the course is the Non-exam assessment:

Component 3: Cross-Media Production

NEA - 30% of qualification

Students will also be asked to complete a non-exam assessment to demonstrate their knowledge of the theoretical framework by creating a single media product - this will be made in response to briefs set by the exam board (30% of qualification). Media Studies develops a wide range of transferable skills including analysis, communication, and critical thinking. The skills of media allow you to investigate and analyse theory at university or when helping businesses and organisations predict the outcome of news items and current affairs. By looking at the history of media studies and its place in society and culture, you can help design public health campaigns, or advise on communications for businesses, for example. Jobs directly related to Media could include:

Links to Future Careers

• presenter • advertising media buyer • copywriter • media researcher • broadcast journalist • social media manager

Entry Requirement Grade 5 in either English Literature or English Language


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