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English A-Level English Language

Subject English Language

Exam Board WJEC Eduqas Specification Numbers A700U

Teacher Responsible

Miss Mulrooney

Introduction English Language is very different to the course studied at GCSE!

This two year course involves: • Analysing spoken language - how do people talk? Why? What features differentiate spoken English from written English and why? • Exploring Language Issues: Standard and Non-standard English; language and power; language and situation; language and acquisition; language change over time; English in the 21st Century and its evolving nature due to technological and cultural change. • Creative and critical use of language – producing two pieces of original writing and commenting on their choice of language and its effect, pupils will construct a 2500- 3000 word investigation, closely exploring language and identity. Pupils will examine data they have collated focusing on a specific aspect of how speakers and or writers forge identities through their language use. Students will learn how to: • Develop and apply understanding of concepts and methods appropriate for the analysis and study of language; • Explore data and examples of language in use; • Engage creatively and critically with a varied range of texts and resources and explore links between texts; • Develop skills as producers and interpreters of language; • Independently investigate language in use in a variety of different contexts and scenarios.

Aims of the Course

How You Are Assessed

Three exams will take place at the end of the two year course: two worth 30% of the overall A-Level grade and the other worth 20% of the overall grade.

Students will also complete a personal investigation, worth 20% of the overall grade exploring language and identity. English Language students are introduced to the concepts and disciplines of English Language/Linguistics in relation to a wide range of spoken and written forms, providing the opportunity to hone their skills of interrogating data, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, synthesis and reflection, and their own creative writing. These skills are invaluable for a vast range of career paths such as: Journalism, Law Investigations in the Police/the Military, Advertising, PR, HR, Teaching and Politics.

Links to Future Careers

Entry Requirement Grade 5 at GCSE English Language or English Literature (if a 5 or higher is achieved in English Literature but not Language, the minimum in Language must be a Grade 4)


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