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English A-Level English Literature & Language

Subject English Literature and Language

Exam Board WJEC Eduqas Specification Numbers A710U

Teachers Responsible

Miss Martin / Miss Mulrooney

Introduction English Literature and Language builds upon the foundations of GCSE. This is a two year course.

The course allows pupils to travel back in time, share the experiences of others, take on new perspectives, explore ideas, beliefs and values, challenge or discover their own and learn the literary skills to express themselves in original and creative ways through dialogue, argument, prose and poetry. Students will learn how to: • Develop and apply understanding of concepts and methods appropriate for the analysis and study of language; • Use integrated linguistic and literary terminology in the reading and interpretation of texts; • Understand how language works in context focusing on how the texts were constructed and received; • Reflect on the connections between the various elements of their study, enabling them to explore how meaning is created;

Aims of the Course

• Engage creatively and critically with a wide range of texts; • Develop skills as producers and interpreters of language; • Make accurate references to texts and sources.

How You Are Assessed

Three exams will take place at the end of the two year course: two worth 30% of the overall A-Level grade and the other worth 20% of the overall grade.

Students will also complete a personal investigation, worth 20% of the overall grade. The non-exam assessment element is a folder containingTHREE pieces of work: a critical study and two pieces of creative writing (1 literary and 1 non-literary) with a total COMBINED word count of 3000-3500 words. This A-Level encourages students to be critical analysts of the world around them. Students will be able to appreciate the construction of language and meaning in a plethora of texts, including prose, poetry, drama and non-fiction. Students will become widely read in a range of different genres. This course provides students with the opportunity to complete independent study to University standards. Literature and Language are integrated on this course and thus students reap the benefits of gaining skills in investigative and theoretical discussion, suitable for a wealth of career paths. Entry Requirement Grade 5 at GCSE English Language or English Literature (if a 5 or higher is achieved in English Literature but not Language, the minimum in Language must be a Grade 4)

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