The Howard School | Sixth Form Prospectus

The Application Process

How many subjects do I select?

You will select 3 subjects. Depending on the pathway that you take, this may be 3 applied general subjects, 3 academic subjects or a mixture of both. As A-Levels are now linear, examinations occur at the end of Year 13. At The Howard School, departments have the ability to enter students for an AS examination at the end of Year 12 or internally assess student’s progress. Should students sit a formal AS examination, this will be a stand-alone qualification and not form any part of the final A-Level grade.

How do I apply?

Both internal and external students need to apply by completing the ‘sixth form application form’ found on our website. This can be returned directly to The Howard School.

Applications being returned directly to The Howard School should be addressed to Head of Sixth Form, via the post box in main reception.

When is the application deadline?

Applications should be received by Friday 28th January 2022. After this date you will still have an opportunity to make changes to your application during the interview process in February 2022. Applications received after the deadline date will be held on a waiting list until an interview can be arranged.

When will the interviews be held?

Interviews will take place during the week commencing 21st February 2022 for external students and week commencing 28th February 2022 for internal students. Appointments can be made via email to Written confirmation of the date and time of the interview will be received in the post. On the Interview day, both internal and external students will need to bring evidence of their current predicted grades for the GCSE subjects that they are studying and a parent/carer will need to be in attendance with you.


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