The Howard School | Sixth Form Prospectus

What are Applied

General Qualifications?

Applied General Qualifications are a new way to categorise a range of existing Level 3 (advanced) vocational qualifications, such as BTEC and OCR Cambridge.

These qualifications have been recognised by many Higher Education Institutions (Universities) as fulfilling entry requirements to a range of HE courses, either in their own right or alongside other Level 3 qualifications.

Some employers and professional or trade bodies have also pledged support for Applied General qualifications.

Who are they for?

Applied General qualifications are for Post 16 students wishing to undertake a broad study of a specific vocational area.

What Applied General qualifications are available?

Applied General qualifications include BTECs and OCR Cambridge qualifications as well as a range of other vocational courses.

Applied General qualifications are available in a variety of areas including: • Performing Arts • Science • Sport • Applied Law • Financial Studies • Psychology


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