Synergy PT Sports Med APRIL 2018


APRIL 2018

A Choice for Better Care

“The choice is yours!” You may have heard us use this phrase recently, and we use it for good reason. Often, we hear from people who feel they have been blindly led down a medical path they did not wish to take. But when it comes to your health and the care you receive, the choice really is yours. It’s not uncommon for doctors to suggest “their guy” to patients. You go in with muscle or joint pain, and they refer you to a surgeon, a physical therapist, or another orthopedic specialist they’re familiar with. Giving you a referral is a great next step, but the lack of patient choice is far from ideal. Your doctor may matter-of-factly say, “See this person,” and nothing else. There is no conversation about alternative options. But you do have options, and there should be nothing keeping you from initiating a conversation with your doctor about them. Maybe you have had a good experience with Synergy in the past. You’ve considered scheduling an appointment, but you want to consult with your primary care provider first. Now is the right time to have that conversation. We collaborate with physicians within our community all of the time. We will be happy to collaborate with your physician to discuss the specific type of therapy they want for you. If your doctor suggests a different PT, but you’d feel more comfortable taking the recommendation of a trusted friend or

family member, you have every right to say, “I want to go to Synergy.” It’s that simple. But your options don’t end there. We’ve talked about it in past editions of the newsletter, but it’s worth bringing up again, especially if it saves people time and money: In most cases, you don’t have to have a referral from your primary care physician to start physical therapy. I’m talking about North Carolina’s Direct Access law. Just as you can make an appointment to visit your family doctor or dentist, you can do the same with your physical therapist. You may have to work out a few details with your insurance provider, but it’s generally a straightforward process. If you have questions about this, just give us a call! We can answer all your direct-access queries. One of our goals here at Synergy is to be your family physical therapist. It may sound like an odd concept, but our treatments can make a big difference to every member of your family. We recognize just how powerful physical therapy can be. Whether you struggle with back pain, a lack of flexibility, or balance issues, we can help. We’ve had conversations with folks who were unsure about physical therapy. Much of their trepidation came from bad experiences in the past. We ask, “Have you been to physical therapy before?”

And we hear that all-too-common answer, “Yes, but it didn’t work.”

The truth is, not all PT clinics are the same. On paper, they may seem to offer the same or similar services, but in practice, the way they offer services can be very different. Some patients may visit a single clinic, be unhappy with the results, and decide the whole practice of physical therapy is not for them. We hear stories like this all the time, but treatment should not be written off so hastily. We’re big believers in doing more for patients. From being hands-on with therapy to serving as educators on the “how” and “why” behind a treatment, we’re truly here to make a difference. You can’t be handed a list of exercises and expect results. The more involved we are from beginning to end, the better your results will be. Here’s the bottom line: When you need a physical therapist, you want the clinic that will serve you best. You want to be comfortable, and you deserve to really know and trust the people who are giving you care. This is why we tell people they have a choice. We’re here for you when

you choose us to be your family physical therapists!

– Kira Boyd



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