PowerofYouth Student Leader Toolkit

# P RO T E C T UR S E L F I E Create positive ways to deal with stress that are alcohol- and drug-free.

Talk about it.

You aren't the only one feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Talk about how you are feeling with your friends and family. Sometimes talking about something out loud and hearing another person's perspective can help shine light on a solution or different approach that you hadn't considered.

Spend time doing positive things.

Spend time doing your favorite hobby or start a new one! Show gratitude. Write a note or letter to someone you are grateful for and tell them why. Research shows that practicing gratitude is a helpful way to cope with stressful situations. Spend time with positive people. If a friend makes you anxious or makes you feel bad about yourself, take a break from that friend for a while.

Be an example.

Show your friends how you are coping with all this stress and pressure in a positive, alcohol- and drug-free way. Stress will always be there, but you have a choice on how you handle it. Share your strategies on social media and use #ProtectUrSelfie, #ProtectUrFuture and #PowerofYouth.

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