PowerofYouth Student Leader Toolkit

# BetheExample Show your friends how you are coping with all this stress and pressure in a positive, alcohol-free and drug-free way. Stress will always be there, but you have a choice on how you handle it.

Share your strategies on social media and use #ProtectUrSelfie, #ProtectUrFuture, #BetheExample,

#TakeAStand, and #PowerofYouth. Be sure to tag @madd.powerofyouth.

MADD National President Alex Otte's Story

"In my life, I have been greatly affected by other people’s decisions regarding alcohol. When I was 13 years old, I was run over by a drunk boater. I lost my leg and broke a lot of the bones in my body, including my neck, and also sustained a severe brain injury. My life was changed forever, to no fault of my own, but still I am thankful. Since then, I have received massive amounts of support from my friends, family, and MADD. For many years, I thought that the event that would forever have the greatest impact on my life was the result of another person’s choice. Only years later did I learn that my greatest strength came from the choices that I made for myself, not the ones that someone else made for me. Protect your future, you have the power to take a stand."

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