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Playing It SMART for 2020 How Goal Setting Drives Our Firm

New Year’s resolutions are a tricky business. It’s no secret that a vast majority of people fail to keep their annual goals, and to be honest, I’ve let my own resolutions fizzle out a time or two. That said, I’ve also seen a fair share of them through to the end, and in my decades of experience, following through comes down to playing it SMART. When I say SMART, I’m referencing a particular type of goal setting laid out by George Dornan, a businessman from Spokane, Washington, in the early 1980s. SMART is an acronym, and though its definition has shifted a bit over time, today it’s accepted to stand for: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. For a goal to be SMART, it has to meet all five of those specifications, and for me, setting SMART goals has been a game changer. Now, I make sure both my personal and business goals fit the SMART mold, checking off each box. In the past, SMART goals have helped me grow The Sharp Firm year to year, and they’ve even helped me lose weight. This year, I’m turning to the SMART model once again for my resolutions. Laura and I have been discussing our 2020 goals for The Sharp Firm since December, and we’ve settled on three areas to work on for the new year: expanding to help more people, streamlining our processes to make cases more efficient for our clients, and growing our practice areas to fit a need we see in the Austin market. (Keep an eye out for more on that in our upcoming newsletters.) Our mission for this month is to create a detailed, SMART framework of checkpoints throughout the year that will ensure we see those goals through. From there, we plan to follow our previous pattern

“In the past, SMART goals have helped me grow The Sharp Firm year to year, and they’ve even helped me lose weight.”

If you’re still working on your own New Year’s resolutions for 2020, take this one piece of advice: Make them SMART resolutions. You won’t regret it. And if one of your resolutions is to seek justice for a recent accident or injury that befell you or a loved one, remember that The Sharp Firm can help. Call us today at 737- 800-9668 or visit to schedule your free case evaluation.

of breaking our annual goals out into quarterly goals, then checking in on them regularly.

So far this year, I’ve been so focused on the firm that I haven’t nailed down my personal goals for 2020. When I do, though, I know I’ll have plenty to work on. I make it a point to set a high bar for myself and do what I can to improve every single year. NHL hockey player Tony DeAngelo famously said that in order to succeed, you need to “become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement,” and I truly believe that’s the case. I’m never going to stop setting goals to make myself a better husband, father, lawyer, and man.

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