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February 2019

Our Kids’ First Days


Laura’s birth plan and argue that she should endure indescribable pain to go au naturale — even if I wanted to have that conversation, you can probably guess how it would go. So when Kaden first came into this world, Laura was blessedly free of any agony.

I’ll never forget the days my son Kaden and daughter Macy were born. They’re growing up fast lately. He’s almost 15, and she’s about to turn 13 in March. Though luckily they’re a good bit less ornery than your average teens, they’d still probably squirm if they knew I was talking about them in the newsletter. But as their birthdays are coming up quickly in March and May, I’ve had their origins firmly in mind. Hopefully they’ll forgive me for a little sappy dad-talk this month. As any parent will tell you, there is no moment quite like the birth of your first child. While Laura was pregnant with Kaden, we wanted to be surprised. So we went through every step, from preparing the nursery and taking prenatal classes to the delivery, without knowing whether he’d be a boy or a girl. Laura will tell you that she knew the whole time, via some combination of intuition and something called the “ring test”, but I don’t quite buy it. Laura was more concerned with how the process of the birth itself would go than the gender of her incoming infant. I remember sitting in one of those prenatal classes where they talk you through all the breathing techniques and natural ways to inhibit pain. When it came time for questions, Laura’s hand shot up. “How soon can you get the epidural?” she asked without batting an eye. The instructor kind of gave her a funny look and ducked the question a little bit, saying they recommended you use deep breathing and other natural strategies. “Oh, sure, I understand,” Laura said, being as kind as possible. “But how soon can you get the epidural?”

It was a little different when Macy made her entrance. We checked into the hospital, and the doctor came by. The nurses murmured something about how it was going to be a little while, but before they shuffled out of the room, Laura said, “Uh, actually, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have this baby very soon.” She was right. The labor sped along much more quickly than projected, and Laura began to beg for the epidural. They continued to say, “You’re not next on the list.” Meanwhile, the only anesthesiologist in the hospital was somehow occupied. So Macy was delivered by the nurses — with no epidural. Luckily, everything went as smoothly as possible otherwise. Though if you ask Laura, I’m not sure she’d put it in exactly those words. While the birth may have been a little different, the reactions of Laura and I were the same both times. Cradling a newborn in your arms, this tiny person who depends on you heart and soul for everything in the world, gives you a feeling that’s difficult to put into words. Today, sometimes it feels like we, especially Laura, play the role of chauffeur more than parent. But honestly, it’s incredibly gratifying to watch as the kids grow up and slowly become their own, vibrant individuals with their own interests, passions, and ideas. It’s impossible to think back on their first days on earth and not get wistful, but I’m proud of who they’ve become and continue to become. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I’m pretty anti- painkiller when it comes to musculoskeletal

issues, but when it comes to childbirth,

that’s an entirely different story. I certainly wasn’t about to contest

–Julian Manrique

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