New Frontier Immigration Law - January 2021

Lucy’s Story A Family Starts the New Year With Security, Stability PERFECT CHRISTMAS PRESENT

He knew how important everything was, and he handled his responsibilities like an adult. Not too many children — or even grown-ups — can handle that kind of pressure. The safety and integrity of his family was at stake, and life had not given this young man an easy role. He was a great big brother to his little siblings and wonderful to work with. Lucy’s long journey ended in December when Green Cards for her husband arrived at our office right before Christmas. It was a gift for the entire family, and we had assumed it would take much longer! They’re starting this new year with a new status — and a new sense of security, too. “No longer do I have to worry about going to the supermarket and never coming back,” said her husband. Their family can get on with their lives and start cashing in on the dream that brought Lucy to America in the first place. If you’re ready to start taking steps like Lucy did, you need to reach out and get our help. We can’t promise the fast response time that they got, but there’s never been a better time to apply than today.

As many readers know, working your way toward immigration status is a waiting game. During that wait, you are vulnerable — not only because you may or may not be able to work, but also because it seems like any little thing could end your stay in the United States. When you have kids, the wait just seems longer, and the stakes seem higher. Fortunately, for New Frontier client Lucy and her own family, that long wait is finally over. They’re starting 2021 as new lawful permanent residents of the United States of America! Originally from Guadalajara, Lucy made her way to the United States like many people do, through bravery and hard work. Her spirit is inspiring, and our office was happy when she came to us to help with her immigration case. But we were also a little worried: Lucy had already naturalized, but her husband and their children did not have status. It was a very fragile situation, and we knew that tragedy could be just around the corner if everything was not handled correctly. It became clear Lucy had passed her own can-do attitude onto her children. Her oldest, a teenager, impressed us very much.

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