Eight months ago, you were promoted as the Executive Team of the Luxury Hotel, a landmark property in the heart of Singapore and you recall with great clarity your excitement when you heard the news. Since then, there has not been a dull moment, each day bringing with it a different set of challenges. Today, as you walk through the lobby, you do not have time to enjoy the exotic flowers that form the beautiful centrepiece. You are preoccupied with the meeting this afternoon with your GM in which you are going to present your strategic plan for the Luxury Hotel. For the past month, you and your team have been reviewing your hotel’s performance in light of the changing competitive and customer landscape. You recognise that if the Luxury Hotel is to retain and strengthen its position in the region, some breakthrough changes will have to be made. A key objective this afternoon will be to get a buy-in from other participants in the Strategic Leaders Session to the strategic plan that you and your team have put together - in specific, applying the steps described by the facilitator of your session (vision, etc). Located in the heart of Singapore’s business district, the Luxury Hotel is the flagship hotel of the large Elite Luxury Hotel Group, which has properties based in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Comprising of the East, West, North and South Wings, the property is known in Singapore as one of the most ‘prestigious’ hotels, with its award-winning spa, speciality restaurants, and well-appointed guestrooms. Home to a cascading waterfall, koi ponds and lush green gardens, the recently renovated East Wing comprises of environmentally friendly rooms and suites that are inspired by nature. The West and North Wings are relatively new as compared to the other two Wings. Accessed through a private lobby, these epitomise the very best of luxury accommodation in Singapore. The South Wing with 458 keys, the highest amongst all Wings, is the oldest in the hotel. While the Luxury Hotel tends to cater predominantly to senior executives in the banking and financial services sectors, the diplomatic community, high-ranking government officials, celebrities, and various high net-worth individuals travelling in Asia; of late, the hotel has seen an inflow of families About the Luxury Hotel

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