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T his August, our firm took a big leap when we changed our name from Bader Law Firm to Bader Scott Injury Lawyers to reflect the addition of Managing Partner Luis Scott to our team. Luis has proven that the scope of his talents extends far beyond the courtroom, and we couldn’t be happier to have him overseeing the 100-plus employees in our office. That said, while our name has changed, our mission to help as many people as possible with their workers’ compensation, car accident, and personal injury cases hasn’t wavered. In fact, the news has prompted us to reflect on where we came from before we tackle the challenges ahead. Eleven years ago, I set out to start my own law firm with nothing but a one-bedroom apartment and an enormous dream. I didn’t have a single employee, and many people told me my goals weren’t attainable, but I was determined to go for them anyway. At that point in my life, I was feeling disillusioned. I’d just left off working as an insurance defense attorney, and at each prestigious firm I’d labored for, I’d discovered things that worried me. One didn’t treat their staff very well. Another cared more about money than their clients. “At my firm,” I thought, “I’ll treat people right.” The road wasn’t easy, but, just over a decade later, my team and I have not only reached the goals people told me were impossible, but we’ve also surpassed them. We serve more than 3,000 clients, and I finally feel proud of my work and the company I work for when I go home to my family every night. I love my job so much that, as my fiancée Ana could tell you, I’ve made it my hobby. I’m the kind of guy who stays up late to read business books and attends personal development conferences for fun. Thankfully, our two 6-year-old daughters — both, funnily enough, named Valentina — keep my inner kid alive. On the work and personal fronts, I can’t help but think this latest step forward is only the beginning, and I’m looking forward to discovering what else lies ahead.

W hen I was a kid in Puerto Rico, I spent all my spare time on the baseball field. I loved to imagine myself in the big leagues, throwing a

fastball or hitting a home run in front of a cheering crowd. I held onto that image all the way into college when I moved to Atlanta to play ball. Looking back, I can see that

baseball and law have a lot in common — both are strategic, heart- pumping, and satisfying pursuits — but I was still sad when a string of injuries forced me to give up my childhood dream of going pro. I don’t mind admitting it: I never really wanted to be a lawyer. Instead, I fell into the profession in part because everyone told me I’d be good at it (I argued a lot), and in part because I thought it was prestigious enough to make my family proud. Even in law school, I considered myself more of an entrepreneur, and my ultimate goal was to start a law business. As luck would have it, I got to live out that new dream by joining Seth’s company instead, and my family — including my wife Rachel and our two sons, Ruly and Lincoln — are just as happy as I’d hoped they’d be. While I don’t personally represent any clients at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, I’ve found it incredibly satisfying to guide and support those who do. Seth creates the company’s overarching vision, and my job is to synthesize it into bite-sized, actionable steps. Even in my short time with the company, I’ve learned that every year brings new goals and challenges. Unlike other law firms, no matter how much we accomplish or how big we grow, we never get complacent. Every day, I look forward to coming into the office and helping us get a bit closer to our next stepping stone.

–Luis Scott, Managing Partner

–Seth Bader, Founder and Owner

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