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about the effect on the economy completely.The ma- jority are in favour of a slow step-by-step process to avoid a stop-and-go-effect. It is very likely that the spe- cial Covid-19 situation with some kind of restrictions will continue in the coming months to keep the infec- tion curve in Germany as flat as it is now.” Q : Which measures have companies taken to sur- vive the crisis in terms of business contingency plans, cashflow and working capital, short term redundan- cies, government support? Klemens :They have chosen furloughing, short-time working and special programs for SMEs from govern- ment. Q : What is the likely impact of the disruption of the supply chain in Asia for the label supply chain? Klemens : “To VskE’s knowledge it is not an issue among the members currently.” Multi-Color Reaffirms Sustainability Commitment Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) has signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment Statement, which includes goals about the actions that signatory companies will take to drive toward a circular econ- omy.These approaches include redesign to eliminate problematic and unnecessary plastic as well as inno- vation to ensure that plastic is reusable, recyclable, or compostable. There have been more than 450 signa- tories who are all working collaboratively to support these objectives. MCC is, so far, reportedly the only label company that has signed the Global Commit- ment. The initiative is associated with the Ellen MacAr- thur Foundation, which focuses on creating momen- tum toward a plastics system that works.Applying the principles of the circular economy, The New Plastics Economy initiative brings together key stakeholders to rethink and redesign the future of plastics, starting with the packaging. By 2025, all MCC customers will have the ability to choose label products and technologies that will not hinder the final package to be recyclable, reusable or compostable.The company also committed to limit in- dustrial plastic waste ending up in the environment or in landfills by implementing waste reduction strate- gies.MCC will allocate the necessary resources toward further development of sustainable and circular prod- ucts and will continue to work collaboratively across the plastic value chain to ensure that plastic packaging is sorted and recycled in practice and at scale by devel- oping supportive label technologies.

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