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The City of Lewiston, Idaho Strategic Plan is a detailed planning document, which was created with substantial community involvement, outlining goals that will help guide your city leaders toward a shared community vision.


Document Prepared by the City of Lewiston Public Information Office

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Strategic planning is vital to the success of any organization. It helps in clarifying where an organization is going and how they are going to get there - this is just as vital for a local unit of government like the City of Lewiston. Key elements of a strategic plan include a vision, mission, short-term and long-term goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, analysis, and annual objectives. The City of Lewiston's strategic plan was developed with public input. From October 2018 until January 2019, the Lewiston City Council and staff held public meetings. Hundreds of citizens and stakeholders participated in this community effort through those public meetings, a survey, and by providing comments at workshops. The result was a community- based product that reflects the values and priorities of Lewiston's community members. This Strategic Plan provides updates to the 2019 planning effort and the progress that has been made since. The Mayor and staff will continue to use this plan to help make informed, well- considered decisions while leading this vital and growing City. It provides valuable guidance for budget preparation, program development,

and performance measurement, and offers direction on how the City will allocate its resources, establish policies, and conduct its affairs. The Mayor, City Council, and staff will review the plan annually to maintain its relevance, to remind all parties of its contents, and to measure performance. Relating the goals, objectives, and associated action steps to daily operations, as well as long-term planning, leads to operational excellence on the way toward achieving a shared community vision. It's important to highlight that strategic planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. The City of Lewiston will continue to run into unanticipated opportunities and issues and will respond to the best of its ability. The strategy that will lead us to success will emerge through a planning process that is at work continually. Together, we will describe our vision for Lewiston's future, our mission that defines our purpose, and the goals and objectives that will chart our way.


Community Vision

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The Lewiston vision statement is a description of the future developed to give a common view of the characteristics the community would like to maintain or achieve. The Vision is a picture of the community in the year 2025, as seen by current and future citizens of Lewiston. The scope is far-reaching and covers seven topic areas:

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City of Opportunity Lifestyle and Neighborhoods Responsible Government Citizen-Informed Leadership

Creating Economic Opportunity Maintaining a Safe Environment Strengthening and Sustaining Our Community

This Vision and Strategic Plan are step one of building the path and the implementation of a large variety of policies, ordinances, and capital projects and creating lasting and productive relationships. This plan will be updated and enhanced as we move to gain greater community engagement. We expect this to be used as a communication tool in describing the efforts to achieve Lewiston’s Vision.


A CITY OF OPPORTUNITY Lewiston is a place you want to be. It is a welcoming, inclusive, vibrant community with ample employment and housing opportunities. It is a year-round destination for recreation, arts, and culture. Lewiston is unique compared to the surrounding areas and its attributes are attractive to both visitors and citizens. In Lewiston, the community is thoughtful and builds toward a common vision for the future of Lewiston. LONG TERM STRATEGIES This City strategic planning document has been created as one step towards building a common vision and supports the Lewiston Community Strategic Plan, which is a separate document that displays the goals of the collective Lewis-Clark Valley. Both plans demonstrate to the community the value of strategic planning and allow citizens the opportunity to see that by implementing these plans more and more members of the community will become engaged in the planning process. The larger the engagement the more meaningful the plans become. This will bring resources, volunteers, and purpose to the community's vision and strategic implementation path as it moves forward.



Lewiston pursues reinvestment in blighted areas and strives to provide quality affordable housing for its underserved population. Through careful planning, appropriate policy implementation, and cooperation with neighborhoods, Lewiston rejuvenates its blighted areas and eliminates impediments. Lewiston is a community that is easily accessed by air, roadway, railway, and river, which continues to bring people from around the world to the Valley and allows citizens and businesses to travel easily, efficiently, and with little effort. Quality healthcare services are available in Lewiston meeting the needs of Valley residents and those of surrounding communities. LONG TERM STRATEGIES Create policies and ordinances that will support the revitalization of properties that need proactive enforcement to ensure they contribute to active, clean, and attractive neighborhoods. Use funds and volunteers to assist people who need financial assistance as opposed to enforcement to help those that do not have the means to make improvements or maintain their properties. Be diligent in planning infrastructure improvements to maintain safe and attractive streets.


RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT The City prepares, implements, and keeps current various plans to effectively and efficiently serve its residents with emergency services, infrastructure, capital improvements, recreation, land use, and housing, to name a few. As a team, the city staff works together to provide excellent services and projects to the community. The City Council looks to the future with its decision-making process providing a platform on which future leaders can build and the community can thrive. Public infrastructure and municipal budgets that support it are continually challenged by revenue shortages, limited resources, and fiscal constraints. At the same time, declining and failing infrastructure requires proper investment, management, and response from the departments. Therefore, budgets must reflect needs that are supported by relevant and defensible data. Ever mindful of affordability, our operating and capital budgets should reflect a realistic and commensurate relationship between projects, programs, levels of service and current staffing. LONG TERM STRATEGIES The City has invested a significant amount of money in various master plans, financial plans, and infrastructure plans. These planning documents lay the ground work for the future of Lewiston. Though resources to implement all the plans may not be available, it is important to share and communicate with the community and have the citizens create the priorities. Implementation plans can then be established to ensure the highest priorities come to fruition. Not all members of the community will have the same ideas about the best way to move forward, but through listening, communicating, educating, and sharing ideas, a path to follow will emerge.



The City of Lewiston is a respected and positive organization/leader in the community, works well with other governmental agencies and seeks to resolve problems that challenge many of its residents and businesses. Lewiston collaborates with other governmental agencies and nonprofits in the Valley for the betterment of the community. The City of Lewiston engages the community, its Boards and Commissions, and employees in developing strategic documents that guide Lewiston into the future. Lewiston is mindful of its resource capacity and plans accordingly so as not to overreach and fail for lack of resources. Resources are managed in a manner that produce results and provide for implementation. Citizens hold the city accountable to ensure that the plans in place are funded and resources are available for implementation. City employees, City leadership, and citizens all have a role to play in implementation. Success is measured by accomplishment of plans and their outcomes. LONG TERM STRATEGIES The City of Lewiston is filled with wonderful organizations that provide incredible community services. City staff and the Council work to engage and support these groups through participation and promotion. We speak at their events when invited, provide the citizens with information about the needs of the City, and share current issues and plans to move the community forward. We develop information and educational materials to share with the groups and citizens. We communicate the issues and how they may impact our neighborhoods. We have regular scheduled meetings and share information with other public agencies in surrounding communities, as well as other organizations nearby.



Lewiston is a place where the workforce can find local education and training that meets the needs of individuals and businesses. Lewiston is a year-round destination that provides a diverse set of options for visitors to enjoy. Outdoor recreation, viticulture, and waterfront development are key attractions. Lewiston’s economic development organizations attract businesses that produce services and products that are marketable to areas outside of Lewiston. While ensuring that businesses comply with the City’s rules and regulations, the staff provides great service and encourages the retention, expansion and development of businesses in the community. LONG TERM STRATEGIES Partner with local economic development organizations like Valley Vision, Chamber of Commerce, Clearwater Economic Development Association, Beautiful Downtown Lewiston, as well as others, to help organizations and stretch limited resources to prioritize outcomes. The City will take leadership roles to help facilitate outcomes to drive the completion of planned projects.



Lewiston is a clean and attractive city. People can move freely throughout the community, whether by vehicle, on foot, or on a bicycle. Lewiston is a safe community where police and fire services are highly responsive to all emergency services and needs. Laws are enforced allowing citizens to feel safe both in their homes and in the business areas of the City. Public health and safety needs are met and emergency responders are prepared to handle both natural and manmade disasters. LONG TERM STRATEGIES The City will train and equip our first responders to maintain their ability to meet the needs of the community. We will hire and retain quality employees that will earn the respect and trust of our citizens and businesses. We continue our partnerships with the schools and colleges so that we can be respected and trusted to assist at the program and planning levels to avoid future problems and concerns.


STRENGTHENING & SUSTAINING OUR COMMUNITY Lewiston’s special events and family activities build pride and a sense of community for its residents. Lewiston has a strong connection to nature and outdoor activities, and is a gateway to all of the amenities of Northern Idaho. Lewiston attracts team recreation from outside the area to our sporting venues and facilities. Positive and fulfilling recreational experiences are available to residents and visitors as a result of the pristine environment. Lewiston also enjoys arts and cultural offerings and recognizes the value of a beautiful vibrant downtown. Lewiston is rich with cultural history such as the Nez Perce People and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Historical amenities abound, built and preserved by community members. Lewiston is thoughtful and diligent in preserving its historic buildings and creatively finding viable ways to help preserve the Valley’s treasures. LONG TERM STRATEGIES Create facilities that will serve our citizens plus add amenities that will attract sporting events and people from outside the LC Valley. Strengthen the tri-partnership with the Lewiston School District and Lewis Clark State College. Share resources and amenities to better meet the vision. The City takes a strong partnership role with the business and art community to help foster a greater downtown and vital art and cultural presence.

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The City of Lewiston’s Strategic Plan was developed with public input. Hundreds of citizens and stakeholders participated in this community effort through a survey, public meetings, and workshops. The result is a community-based product that reflects the values and priorities of Lewiston’s community members. From October 2018 until January 2019, the Lewiston City Council and staff held public meetings and met with local groups to share the projects and goals of each department, then recorded the feedback they received. This feedback helped Lewiston’s Leadership Team draft the City’s Strategic Plan, which in turn was presented to the Lewiston City Council. Public involvement was crucial in the development of this plan. All public participation helped to ensure the strategic plan incorporated contemporary community values, capitalized on existing and new opportunities and technology, and provided new residents an opportunity to shape their community. The following subsections summarize the City of Lewiston Strategic Plan public involvement process conducted to date.



The development of the strategic plan began in 2018 with the identification of present resources and community perspectives. Citizens and community leaders were given solutions to current issues and asked, through a digital survey, which solutions they most closely agreed with.


City staff, in conjunction with Lewiston City Council members, held two public meetings where citizens engaged in thoughtful conversations about possible future projects and current community needs. Staff and Councilmembers informed, answered questions, and recorded feedback as it was received. This feedback was compiled into one document and reviewed by the Lewiston City Council and staff.


The survey consisted of eight questions developed by city staff. Each question had multiple solutions. Citizens and community leaders took the survey together and identified which solutions they agreed with the most. Staff used those answers to develop plans which are represented in the overall strategic plan for the City. This helps guide staff and the council.






















































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