Envision the Future with John Manley

Empowering a generation of young social entrepreneurs to tackle society’s greatest challenges.

John Manley, a champion of young social entrepreneurs

A passionate advocate for growth and innovation, John has made an indelible impact on this country, first during his 16 years in Parliament, and later as a public policy expert, mentor and business leader. As Minister of Industry, John was an early proponent of integrating technology in education, recognizing that innovation would be key to preparing the next generation of Canadians to compete successfully in a growing global marketplace. Later, as Minister of Foreign

Affairs, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, John continued to promote entrepreneurial thinking, adopting new approaches to global challenges and remaining a steadfast advocate for Canada. From 2010 to 2018 as President and Chief Executive of the Business Council of Canada, John was a tireless champion of entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers, promoting smart public policy that rewards risk-taking and forward-thinking approaches to tackling global challenges. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us in celebrating John’s legacy as an innovator and thought-leader through supporting young social entrepreneurs across Canada.

Launching the WE Social Entrepreneurship Centre

About WE

WE is a movement that believes when we come together we can create an even better world. Over the last 23 years WE’s family of organizations (WE Charity and ME to WE Social Enterprise) have created incredible social impact at home and around the world. As Canada’s largest youth service organizations, WE engages nearly two million young Canadians each year, empowering them to learn and take action on behalf of 3,000+ local and global causes. WE is supported by 650+ staff across Canada, who are proud to serve young people from coast to coast to coast in both English and French.

WE is proud to be launching the WE Social Entrepreneurship Centre (WE SEC), Canada’s first centre for innovative social enterprises for young people under the age of 35. The Centre’s mission will be to support young leaders as they launch and scale social enterprises that apply business solutions to society’s greatest social challenges. The Centre will bring to life two streams of programming that will empower Canada’s young people to tackle society’s greatest challenges by merging charity and business to create a sustainable impact. Program One—Movement : WE will inspire a national movement of young social entrepreneurs by leveraging the WE Schools network of 7,000 Canadian schools, colleges and universities to provide curriculum, resources, mentorship and connections in the sector to launch micro-social enterprises. Program Two—Scale Up: WE will offer multi- year deep support to young people who have a highly scalable social enterprise. We will incubate and accelerate ventures with a mission of leveraging business solutions to address some of society’s greatest challenges. We invite you to join us in further discussion around how you and your company can get involved. Opportunities for support include: I. Make a financial donation II. Provide in-kind support through employee time and expertise, or in-kind resources and products

Learn more about WE, watch this video.

Mentoring Young Social Entrepreneurs, Empowering Real Solutions

Charities address important societal concerns, but often rely on outdated models, and lack financial stability to innovate and scale their impact. Businesses have proven an exponential ability to grow and innovate, but traditional enterprise models do not have an inherent mandate to solve society’s greatest challenges. The WE Social Entrepreneurship Centre’s mission is to support young leaders as they launch and scale social enterprises to apply business solutions to today’s greatest social challenges. The Centre’s programming will have dual outcomes: I. The Centre will empower young people under the age of 35, a group that faces significant challenges entering the workforce and advancing their careers, helping them to chart a better future through social entrepreneurship. II. The social entrepreneurship ventures launched through the Centre will help solve or address societal challenges Audience The Centre will serve young people across Canada under the age of 35, with a focus on reaching priority populations such as women entrepreneurs, new Canadians and Indigenous young people.

Special thanks to Thor Richardson for his landmark gift to the WE SEC’s physical infrastructure. As an example of the program’s vision, the young entrepreneur made the commitment prior to his 30 th birthday.

Program 1: Movement

The WE Social Entrepreneurship Centre will provide programs and support that empower youth to create their own micro social enterprises. Leveraging the WE Schools network of 7,000 Canadian schools, colleges and universities, we will engage young people through tailored curricular resources, small group coaching sessions, hack-a-thons and mentorship. This builds on the success of WE Are Social Entrepreneurs, a joint program of WE and RBC Future Launch. We will celebrate the incredible ideas of young people and their spirit of social entrepreneurship at our signature WE Day events. Each year WE Day brings 250,000+ like-minded youth together in stadiums in cities around the world.

Through their micro social enterprises, young people across Canada will create hundreds of initiatives that plant seeds of benefit across the country.

Program 2: Scale Up

The Scale Up program will elevate social enterprises to their full potential to create industry leaders. Through rigorous vetting, select young people and their ventures from the “movement” program will be invited into a multi-year deep incubation and acceleration program to help launch their initiatives at scale. Scale Up will devote resources in two key areas to help lead big changes: I. Business support: support services geared toward business needs, for example human resources, productization, finance, legal and accounting. II. Social impact support: support services to develop deep integration of social impact across the venture; for example, toward working with at-risk populations, accessibility and measuring and validating social impact.

How you can get involved

In honour of John Manley’s retirement from his position as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Business Council of Canada, we humbly invite you to join his legacy of mentoring and inspiring young entrepreneurs to make social change, by supporting the WE Social Entrepreneurship Centre.

We are pleased to share these customizable opportunities:

Opportunity 1: Provide an anchor donation to become a founding partner of the WE Social Entrepreneurship Centre

• Support program development and delivery • Support the physical infrastructure of the centre • Support the investment fund for “Scale-Up” participants

Opportunity 2: Provide in-kind support through human capital or corporate resources • Participate in a corporate secondment program or offer your company’s expertise in a mentorship program with participating social entrepreneurs • Provide in-kind products or services to empower the Centre and the social entrepreneurs Celebrating your commitment As a founding WE Social Entrepreneurship Centre donor, you’ll receive a host of engagement and recognition opportunities tailored for you and your company. Opportunities include, but are not limited to: • Brand and/or name recognition in theWE Social Entrepreneurship Centre • Customized employee engagement program, provided by WE • Regular reporting of the impact of your gift

Contact Us

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how you can support the WE Social Entrepreneurship Centre. For more information please contact: craig@WE.org

Together we can empower a generation of young social entrepreneurs to tackle

society’s greatest challenges.

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