Oregon 120V Pro Series, A120035 AB

120V Lithium Ion Batteries Oregon’s 120V Professional Series batteries offer the run time that professional landscapers need to get the job done right. The BX975 battery packs

Battery-Tool Power Cable

The easy-to-read dash board shows charge level and battery health diagnostics. And like the tools, the battery’s IP56 and UL ratings mean the battery is ready for any weather. Now, professionals can feel confident they have the power and performance they need to get the job done.

9 amp hours of capacity for 972 watt-hours of power, and the BX650 battery packs 6 amp hours of capacity for 648 watt-hours of power.


These automotive-grade weatherized cable connections can be used in any weather conditions, so you can use any tool in the Oregon Professional Series at any time.

Battery Charger


The C1600 Battery Charger offers efficient smart charging of 120V Professional Series batteries, actively monitoring battery health to ensure long life and optimal charging. The low power-draw design allows up to five batteries to charge on one 15-Amp circuit.



9 Ah 972 Wh

5 Hour Charge Time

UL & IP56

6 Ah 648 Wh

3 Hour Charge Time

UL & IP56


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