KB 47 Harnessing The Gen-Y Energies

KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter issue no 47 | June 2012


UNDERSTANDINGTHE GENY SandeepBarveshares hisinsightshere

HARNESSINGTHEENERGYOF THEGENY NiketKarajagiexpresses hisviewsonthis



Sandeep Barve is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience.He has worked in BFSI and IT sectors and has been associated with Public and Private Sector companies and big brand MNCs like Citigroup, HSBC and Barclays. With over a decade of management and leadership experience,he has interviewed more than 1000 individuals with a significant percentage of Gen Y candidates. As a mentor and coach to youngsters, aspiring managers and leaders, he studied and altered the mindsets to produce significant results.So talking about GenY came purely from his rich experience and observations of behaviour patterns. However, there are always exceptions and more empirical analysis than what has been unearthed.

Often referred to as smart, young and bold, they are socially conscious employees owing it to technology and internet. Unlike their predecessors, Sandeep saw a clear yin and yang in Gen Y. On one hand the Gen Ys are very innovative, creative and inquisitive, and have a quest for higher academics, while on the other hand, they act as barriers to faith and belief. The most common complaint about them being the lack of respect for knowledge, be it age old or acquired through experience. According to Sandeep, the Generation Y enjoys taking risks and adventures - one reason why we witness more adventure sports today than before. With social media they are highly connected and know the importance of networking and finding solutions through connecting with people. With his experience of dealing with the Gen Y, he shares that they expect quick results, immediate benefits and are more money minded than previous generations. Along with being more outspoken, this generation is more open to offering help and don’t hesitate to challenge the status quo.


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