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17. Beautiful 1887 N172 Old Judge Cigarettes Ned Hanlon (HOF) - PSA VG- EX 4

19. 1887 N172 Old Judge Cigarettes King Kelly (HOF) - SGC VG+ 3.5

One of the more desirable subjects in the N172 issue and one of the more highly sought-after 19th Century Hall of Famers in the hobby in general, this particularly attractive card features Mike “King” Kelly. Graded VG+ 3.5 by SGC, the card boasts outstanding contrast, with a clear, dark image and a relatively clean surface. The “$10,000 Kelly” card is checklisted as card #254-7, one of ten different Kelly poses in the N172 issue. Kelly received the nickname “$10,000 Kelly” because he was

One of the more difficult Hall of Famers in the N172 issue, “Foxy” Ned Hanlon is pictured here on card #212-3, one of just three poses of the Wolverines outfielder featured in the Old Judge set. Bold and clear, the card image is spectacular, recently graded VG- EX 4 by PSA. Square corners and a clean surface are apparent, with some light surface wear and mild soiling largely responsible for the grade. Between the three cards and their different typographical variations, PSA has graded eight examples of this pose, with just

sold to Chicago by Boston for the princely sum after the 1886 season. Kelly’s place in baseball history is well-commented, and a “$10,000 Kelly” card is an important addition to any quality prewar card collection.

one grading higher than this. With this example, however, it is less the technical grade and more the eye appeal that makes it so desirable. A tremendous example.



20. 1887 N172 Old Judge Cigarettes Connie Mack (HOF RC) - PSA GOOD 2 (MK)

18. 1887 N172 Old Judge Cigarettes Dummy Hoy - PSA VG-EX 4

Considered one of the tougher Hall of Famers in the N172 issue, Connie Mack has just three different poses featured in the set. This should be no surprise; by 1887 Mack was in just the second year of what history would largely see as an average playing career. A master strategist, Mack would blossom as a manger, spending 50 years at the helm of the Philadelphia Athletics, winning five World Championships in that time. One of the most important figures in the history of the game, his Old Judge cards are difficult to locate, particularly when searching for

Extremely sharp example of popular subject William Ellsworth “Dummy” Hoy, a diminutive outfielder who was hearing impaired and mute, yet managed an outstanding, 14-year career, with a lifetime .288 batting average and more than 2,000 career hits. Hoy is among the players credited with making umpire hand signals widespread, and after his career ended, he supervised hundreds of deaf workers for Goodyear during World War I. He lived to be 99 years old, at the time the longest- lived professional baseball player.

examples with strong eye appeal.

SPRING 2023 PREMIER AUCTION − CLOSES APRIL 29, 2023 19 MINIMUM BID: $1,000 Graded GOOD 2 (MK) by PSA, this example boasts an above- average image, the technical grade the result of overall wear and soiling, most notable at the corners and edges. The reverse carries some vintage pencil markings, resulting in the qualifier noted in the grade. Regardless, a strong example of one of the more difficult of the many Hall of Famers featured in the N172 Old Judge issue.

Clean and unblemished, the card has been freshly-graded by PSA, the VG-EX 4 assessment a bit on the conservative side. Light corner wear and some minor soiling on the reverse contribute to the grade, but the overall eye appeal suggests an EX or EX+ card. An extremely attractive card of one of 19th Century baseball’s most widely-collected non-Hall of Famers.


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