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571. 1963 Topps Near-Complete Set (575/576) MINIMUM BID: $500

570. 1962 Topps Complete Set (598)

The 1962 Topps baseball set is one of the more difficult Topps issues to obtain in high-grade, primarily because the faux-woodgrain borders of the cards are easily chipped and damaged with wear. The result is a preponderance of lower-grade cards which are undeniably less attractive. Clean 1962 Topps cards, however, are extremely attractive, with eye appeal that rivals any of the other Topps issues from the period. The set is filled with specialty cards including All- Stars, World Series cards, statistical leaders, Babe Ruth highlights, and more. The condition challenge, coupled with the many difficult subsets and the tough high number series make this a popular set among collectors. Presented here is an attractive midgrade complete set, lightly handled, with minor corner wear and edge chipping being the primary condition flaws throughout. Of course, there are centering issues, as is the case with most Topps sets from this era. As one can see from the scans, the cards are pleasing to the eye, the cards presenting better than our description of grade, which suffers a bit due to centering. A complete condition breakdown of the cards would be 4% EX/MT, 10% EX, 37% VG/EX, 44% VG, 5% GOOD with a few lesser. A breakdown of the set’s key cards would be as follows: #1 Maris (EX), #5 Koufax (VG), #10 Clemente (EX), #25 Banks (F), #30 Mathews (EX/MT), #45 Robinson (EX), #50 Musial (VG/EX), #70 Killebrew (G), #100 Spahn (VG), #150 Kaline (VG), #199 Perry (G), #200 Mantle (VG/EX), #213 Ashburn (VG), #218 Torre (VG), #243 Roberts (VG/EX), #288 Williams (VG), #300 Mays (VG/EX), #310 Ford (VG), #320 Aaron (G), #340 Drysdale (EX/MT), #350 Robinson (G), #353 Mazeroski (VG/EX), #360 Berra (EX), #385 Wynn (EX), #387 Brock (VG), #425 Yastrzemski (EX/MT), #471 Mantle (VG/ EX), #500 Snider (VG), #505 Marichal (VG), #530 Gibson (VG), #544 McCovey (VG). 598 cards total.

572. 1964 Topps Giants #3 Sandy Koufax (HOF SP) - PSA MINT 9 MINIMUM BID: $500

573. 1964 Topps Giants #25 Mickey Mantle (HOF) - PSA MINT 9 MINIMUM BID: $300



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