We Are 2020 - NP High & St. Pat's

2 WE ARE 2020

Charles Aufdenkamp

Dolan Branch

Graci Castillo

Isabel Caudillo

Brooklyn Childears

Keagan Foust

Charlie Gale

Ashley Dye

Mick Ekdahl

Matthew Elsten

Landon Lawrence

Andrew Lindemeier

Olivia Lynch

Brooke McClellen

Talan McGill

WE ARE 2020 3

Ethan Munson

Marinn Niesen

Keegan Nitsch

Jocylin Sellers

Kinsey Skillstad

Julie Slattery

Jonathan Waltman

Dylan Woody

4 WE ARE 2020

Rebecca Ady

Gabriel Alvarado

Nicholas Anderson

Jake Anthony

Tyler Anthony

Baila Atencio

Austin Axford

Rylan Axtell

Randalyn Ayers

Lucas Armstrong

Alyssa Bahnsen

Thomas Bartling

Alyssa Baumbach

Courtney Becker

Madilyn Ayres

No Photo Available

Jade Bethke

Gregory Bergeron

Shelby Berglund

Kahle Bergstrom

Michael Derrick Berryman

WE ARE 2020 5

Shaelen Bokoskie

Sade Bethke

Mark Blackmon

Jasmine Blair

Shanelle Bokoskie

Nicholas Borges

Savannah Brabec

Joel Bradley

Carsten Brady

James Breedlove

Caiden Broman

Lauren Brott

Ashton Brown

Brandyn Brown

Ryece Bryant

Jakob Buck

Shelby Bussard

Amber Cabello

Dalton Caley II

6 WE ARE 2020

Ciera Carlson

Jack Carlson

Maddy Carr

Jackson Carter

Kaylyn Casassa

Adam Castillo-Gomez

Tyson Caudillo

Taylor Chitty

Tessa Clair

Mikayla Clang

Makayla Clark

Sara Claymore

Shelbee Clow

Kaitlyn Compton

Jacob Clark

Abigail Contos

Madison Cooper

Gina Courter

Kyle Cortes

Cheyann Courtney

WE ARE 2020 7

Montannia Courtney

Jaryd Cousins

Eli Cox

Ashley Craig

Jestynne Crankshaw

Austin Deidel

Timothy Crisp

Elizabeth Dameron

Olivia Davis

Kaden Deibert

Kylie Dircksen-Wood

Aryanna Denzin

Choyce Deuerlein

Ashly Diaz Pacheco

Sophia Dike

Aryn Durnell

Daesha Dixon

Chance Donohoe

Mia Dugan

Ashlynn Durfee

8 WE ARE 2020

Carter Eaton

John Eggers

Jessica Eller

Tabitha Eller

Lisette Engleman

Isaiah Epler

Jackson Erickson

Desirae Ericson

Sabastian Estrada

Emily Evans

Ryan Farley

Jakob Fisher

Hannah Fitzpatrick

ShaeLeigh Fletcher

Ezeikial Florea

Floy Foust

Jayden Fowler

Carli Fudge

Jonathan Garcia

Monica Garcia

WE ARE 2020 9

Nicolas Garcia

Steven Garcia

Justin Gardner

Emily Gartner

Ethan Gastineau

Marcus Gibson

Zane Gibson

Jared Gies

Derik Gifford

Anney Gilbert

No Photo Available

Morgan Girard

Hallina Godbey

Joey Greenamyre

Dalton Griesfeller

Ashton Grund

Zachary Halsted

Callie Haneborg

Raelyn Hansen

Macleod Hardy

Anna Harper

10 WE ARE 2020

Makayla Harwager

Rachel Hatch

Avrianna Hayes

Gracie Hayes

Reilly Hayes

Shayley Heinemann

Emily Hendren

Leah Hengen

Ethan Hernandez

Anastasia Herrera

Kristopher Herrera

Jaydn Herrick

Mia Hilber-Hansmeier

Chekera Hough

Riley Hudson

Kamryn Hughes

Sean Hurley

Madison Irish

Haley Jackson

Markus James

WE ARE 2020 11

Kean Jared

Christopher Jenkins

Megan Jerabek

Zachary Jesse

Carter Johnson

Emily Johnson

Jayden Jones

Kayla Jones

Austin Junker

Brittany Kava

Aubrie Kearney

Josie Keck

Jaden King

Tayler Kleinow

Vanessa Knapp

Caleb Knox

Makenna Koehn

Cruz Kreber

Gus Kreber

Rylee Kurth

12 WE ARE 2020

Santana Laack

Jade Ladoucer

Tatum Lange

Gracia Lantis

Maggie Lashley

Jordan Leal

Dylan LeTourneau

Annmarie Lauenstein

Jayden Leal

Olivia Lehn

Shaili Long

Finn Lucas

Scarlett Lewis

KeleeAnn Littrell

Zoey Loving

Edward Lundy

Jordan MacMillan

Carter Lukas

Taylor Lundgreen

Dalton Lunkwitz

WE ARE 2020 13

Jennifer Magill

Shaylee Malcom

Samuel Malsbury

Gavin Manary

Aiden Mann

Hannah Matuszczak

Abbygail Marshall

Haleigh Mattingley

Treyton Mayo

Thalia Marquez

Morgan McGehee

Aubyrne McClintock

Ainsley McGahan

Alana Meitl

Dacie McCleary

No Photo Available

Julius Meyer

Isabella Mendoza

Timothy Merica

Cody Miller

Andrew Melchert

14 WE ARE 2020

Josephine Miller

Melody Miller

Natalie Miller

Nicholas Miller

Manuel Moises Maldineras

Tyler Moore

Randy Murphy

William Myers

Rocky Navarro

Krystal Mullennix

Crystal Neill

Dylan Nesslein

Jaylee Niles

Cailey Nutt

Hannah Nelson

Kaitlyn Ostrander

Angelique Padgett

Brenden Pankonin

Taylor Pankonin

Aleecia Pace

WE ARE 2020 15

Derek Patterson

John Patterson

Abbey Paul

Jacob Payne

Logan Penner

Evan Perlinger

Sarah Phares

Ashlynn Piquet

Jocelynn Polanco

Josephine Preece

16 WE ARE 2020

Jude Prince

Kennedy Pucket

Elliott Purdy

Derrek Ramos

Elias Ramos

Cassidy Ratliff

Kameron Reeves

Aden Reed

Zavier Renaud

Coleman Riggins

Emily Rivera

Kyler Rockwell

Bree Roberts

Maria Rodriguez

Yanira Rodriguez

Yessenia Rodriguez

Jori Rogers

Bailey Roeder

Timothy Rosenberg

Hannah Rosenof

WE ARE 2020 17

Kaden Ross

Siera Ross

Katelyn Rossell

Tyler Rossell

Tanner Ruda

Shecainah Saguban

Kelsey Salazar Allen

Alieha Salisbury

Angelina Sanchez

Anahi Sanchez Galvan

18 WE ARE 2020

Marcelles Sanchez-Rodriguez

Brooke Schanou

Jaylen Schledewitz

Skyler Schmadeke

Phillip Schmitz

Summer Scott

Tyne Seamann

SeaAnna Seward

Colt Shannon

Timothy Shannon

Jonathan Sharp

Angela Shepherd

Hunter Shepherd

Teresa Short

Rudi Silos-Schulte

Ian Smith

Makenna Smith

Joshua Snyder

Samantha Sonneman

Leslie Sorto

WE ARE 2020 19

Cooper Sponie

Emily Stadler

Aiden Stahr-Roos

Savanna States

Chase Stoddard

Clay Stone

Carlye Stoppkotte

Kaylen Streeter

Aspen Sullivan

Gabriel Tamayo

20 WE ARE 2020

Jason Taylor

Monguel Taylor

Caleb Tegtmeier

Zaquery Thompson

Parker Tonkinson

Gabriel Torrez

Mathea Torrez

Camden Trevino

Samantha Uppal

Jade Vak

Jesus Valenzuela

Rodolfo Valenzuela Cruz

Yvonne Valenzuela Cruz

Alicia Vargas

Kalee Vargas

Anam Vaziri

Amelia Vega

Johnny Vega

Josiah Vega Cruz

Jaylee Vieyra

WE ARE 2020 21

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22 WE ARE 2020

Quinton Vieyra

Lukas Vieyra Hartmann

Benjamin Von Kampen

Matthew Wagner

Reed Wagner

Katrina Webster

Meghan Ward

Lillian Weigel

Colton Weller

Sydney Williams

Tristian Wood

Kainin Wilson

Jared Wullschleger

Payton Yearling

Tristen Yonker

Juan Zanguitu

Trevor Young

Jacob Ziccardi

WE ARE 2020 23

24 WE ARE 2020


Andrew Lindemeier

We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. We look forward to seeing where life takes you. “For nothing is Impossible with God.” -Luke 1:37 Love, Mom, Dad and Zac

I can only imagine what it will be like… You’ve made us proud. Go get what awaits you. We can only imagine. Love, Mom, Dad and Emma

Becca Ady

Brooke Schanou

You did it! Now it’s time to celebrate! We are so proud of you!

You can be proud of the good choices you have made. You have taken challenges head on! Love, Your Schanou Family

Love, Mom & Dad

Christopher L. Jenkins, Jr.

Derek Kobe Patterson

Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life God created you for. We are

Congratulations CJ on reaching your milestone. Good Luck with the future. We are proud of you! Love, The Jenkins Family

so proud of you! Love Dad, Mom, Breanna, Shane & Tyler

DerrekM. Ramos

Dylan A. Woody

Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know. We are so proud of you! “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the

“Oh the places you’ll go! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so... get on your way!”

And know that all our love and support will always be with you. Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Mark, Matt, Nic and Kids

Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 Love mom, dad, Marissa, Christian and Rocky

WE ARE 2020 25

26 WE ARE 2020

EliasM. Ramos

Eli G. Cox

My wish for you is that this life becomes everything you want it to be. Take charge of your story and dream big! We’re proud of you! Love, Mom, Laura, Cade and Will

As you begin this new chapter, remember you can do anything you set your mind to. Keep dreaming BIG and reaching for the stars. Don’t forget to enjoy the small things, cherish the moments and

laugh often, but most importantly, remember where Home is! We’re so very proud of you! Always and forever, Mom, Dad, Emilio, Ellianna, Enrique and Bella

Ethan AlexanderMunson

HaleyM. Jackson

Let the experiences you’ve had and the lessons you’ve learned guide you going forward. The best is yet to come. Your creativity and

This is the beginning of yet another journey in your life. You’ve made us extremely proud! Congratulations to our beautiful girl! Love, Mom, Chloe, Josie, Grandma & Grandpa

determination will take you far. You will make a difference in the world!

HannaMcKenzieMcDonald My FancyFace, Your Future’s so Bright, you got to wear shades! Congratulations! Love, All of us!

Isabel Caudillo Isabel,

Congratulations! We are so proud of your determination, your kind heart and how your smile lights up a room. We know that you

are destined for great things, remember we are always here cheering you on! Love Mom, Dad, Tori, Toni, Ella and Anah

Jake Anthony

Jocylin L. Sellers

This is the beginning of anything you want. Always believe in yourself. We are very proud of you Joc! Love you today, tomorrow, Always xoxo Mom, Mike, Shayla, Annika and Ceven

Greet the future with anticipation. Dream big and work hard. Remember your roots, manners and the way home. We are proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and Paige

WE ARE 2020 27

28 WE ARE 2020

Kinsey Laree Skillstad

Landon J. Lawrence

Kinsey, it has been a true joy guiding you in life. God has blessed you with so many gifts: intelligence, beauty, strength, courage and humor. We know the future holds amazing

Your hard work and dedication has paid off! We can’t wait for you to experience this next chapter of your life! We are so proud of you! Love Mom, Dad, Brittany and Sophie

things for you. We love you very much. Dream big, work hard, love much and smile always. - Mom and Dad

Lauren Joanna Brott

Madilyn Therese Ayres

God gave us the most beautiful blessing when He brought you into our lives. We are so proud of you and we can’t wait to see all that God has planned for you. We love you! Mom, Dad & Landon

We are so proud of you! Keep working hard and believing in yourself and your dreams will come true! Love, Mom, Dad, Brooklyn & Jaxson

Maria Fernanda Rodriguez Congratulations! You are not only graduating but are doing so with class - National Honor Society, excellent grades even though you took difficult classes, involved in a variety of activities, volunteering. Etc. You have used well the gifts that God has given to you. May God always bless and keep you. - Gus

MadisonMcKenzie Things to remember:

Enjoy time spent at home and the little things in life. Work hard. Fill your life

with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. Love Mom, Dad, & Hayden

Talan T.McGill


You have made us so proud! Your work ethic and dedication will take you far. Now it is time to spread your wings and show the rest of the world how special you are. Love - Mom, Dad, Sawyer & Sally

Never allow yourself to be defined by someone else’s opinion of you. Be you. Love, Mom & Dad

WE ARE 2020 29

Graduation ceremonies go virtual, for now

By JOB VIGIL jvigil@nptelegraph.com Area schools plan to host graduation ceremonies online for now with in person, public celebrations tentatively set for summer dates. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdown of schools put a hold on what schools can do to honor their 2020 senior class. North Platte High School Principal Scott Siegel said much is still up in the air, but efforts are being made to give students a proper send-off. The celebration started with a video tribute May 17 “to honor seniors on what was their original commencement ceremony date,” Siegel said. If safety guidelines allow, there will be a commencement ceremony at 2 p.m. July 25 at the NPHS Athletic Complex. “If there are any type of limitations, we’ll split it up into smaller ceremonies,” Siegel said. “We’re just going to be as flexible as possible in order to get ceremonies through.” Siegel said the local, state and federal guidelines for social gatherings will determine how ceremonies will take place. If the limit is 50 people, he said the school would be able to accommodate. “Even at 50 we can honor a few students at a time, have room for their fam- ilies and then have just a couple people guiding the ceremonies,” Siegel said. “You’re talking about doing several dozen ceremonies over a couple of days.” The best-case scenario, Siegel said, would be one big ceremony, but the school will follow guidelines to ensure the safety of students, staff and fami- lies. Siegel said this is a difficult time for all involved. He said he is amazed at how well the seniors have handled everything. “Ninety percent of our seniors already have met their graduation require- ments,” Siegel said early in May. “They handled this as well or better, I’d say, than anybody. “I think it speaks a lot to their characteristics.”

He has received many emails from students. “It’s interesting because our students have been nothing but kind and posi- tive, thankful and appreciative,” Siegel said. “Even though, as adults, we think of all the things that they lost, the perspective I have is that they’re still so positive, hopeful people. It’s a really neat thing to see from that end.” Siegel said the students deserve a lot of credit for the way they have remained positive and realistic. “When people are faced with a crisis, you don’t know how they’re going to respond,” Siegel said. “But you’re just really proud to work with kids that are this mature, this smart and this caring at this stage.” Other area schools’ graduation plans: North Platte St. Patrick High School —The school hosted an online ceremony on May 10. A more formal graduation is tentatively set for 1:30 p.m. Aug. 2 at St. Patrick Catholic Church. Hershey High School — A virtual graduation was posted on the school website, hpspanthers.org, and its YouTube channel on May 9. An in-person ceremony is tentatively scheduled at 10 a.m. Aug. 1 at the football/track facility. Maxwell High School —The plan is to hold a traditional graduation ceremony July 18. If restrictions do not allow for this, the school will set up some form of parade or online graduation on the same date to honor the seniors. Wallace High School —The school hosted a Virtual Honors Night on May 4. Graduation will take place at 11 a.m. Aug. 1, either traditional or virtual depending on circumstances at that time. Sutherland High School —The school hosted a virtual graduation ceremony on May 9. Seniors and parents only were able to view the ceremony online from their vehicles in the football parking lot. After the ceremony, a “graduation drive-by” took place through the town. Brady High School — Commencement is scheduled for 4 p.m. July 18 pending the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

30 WE ARE 2020

Our Greenhouse has Flowers!

8th & Poplar

M-Sat: 8am - 6pm Closed Sunday


Nursery, Lawn & Garden

WE ARE 2020 31

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