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At Summer School, we believe strongly that students should have CHOICES. Our individualized academic program enables students to further their academic progress by choosing a course of study that suits their personal needs and interests. The Summer School offers dynamic faculty, a beautiful 226-acre campus, modern facilities, a 4:1 student-to-faculty ratio, and an average class size of 10 students. YOUNG SCHOLARS (5 WEEKS) Designed for talented 7th and 8th graders who are interested in exploring the boarding school experience or taking on the challenges of rigorous public and private secondary schools, this program focuses on building essential skills, increasing independence and self-confidence, and improving time management as students look further down the road to the demands of a college preparatory program. Students choose two major and two minor courses, participate in daily athletics and take part in a myriad of on and off-campus trips and activities. LIBERAL STUDIES (5 WEEKS) The Liberal Studies program offers motivated high school students in grades 9 to 12 the opportunity to study a variety of liberal arts courses in an independent school environment. Students will be able to sharpen their academic and test-taking skills, increase their independence, improve time management, as well as broaden their cultural and global awareness as they prepare for college and beyond. Students choose two major and two minor courses, participate in daily athletics and take part in a myriad of on and off-campus trips and activities. WRITER’S LAB (2 WEEKS) This course provides high school students a chance to explore different modes of writing such as analytical, narrative, and creative. Through self-exploration and examinations of texts, students dive into the writing process and utilize discussion and reflection to shape

Since 1984 we have offered personalized adventures for students seeking a summer experience like no other. Our extensive range of programs encourages independence and friendship, striking the perfect balance between learning, exploration, and independence. We’re proud of our reputation for providing a high level of attention and care, for being pioneers in our field, and for finding exciting new ways to make each student’s summer

unforgettable.We are not a school, we are an invitation to get away from the noise and do what you can’t. Students who join our pre-college programs are able to preview college life and experience some of the world’s best campuses. Students choose daily seminars and combine

them with activities and excursions for an exciting way to gain independence, explore interests and make friends with students from all over the US and around the world. Seminars are designed to be hands on and collaborative and subjects are taught by college professors and graduate students drawn from the host institutions. Currently students can choose from the following campuses: UNC- Chapel Hill, UC-Berkeley, MIT, Tufts and Oxford University . We also offer business and entrepreneurship programs at Stanford and Columbia as well as an International Business program in Barcelona . Students develop essential business skills that put them ahead of the game. For students who wish to focus on the college admissions process, we offer college admissions “boot camps” at Tufts and UC-Berkeley . These highly focused programs are a great way to get started on your college search and learn the ins and outs of the admissions process. Our language and cultural immersion programs in Spain offer the choice of a residential program in Barcelona or a full immersion and homestay program in Andalusia, Spain . Our longest running programs, Spain offers an amazing opportunity to improve fluency, build confidence in the language and live and learn like a Spaniard for an experience that goes far beyond the limits of tourism. All of our programs are designed to broaden academic and personal horizons, and we work thoughtfully to create opportunities for a truly diverse student population. We believe that for the right student, we offer some of the most innovative programming around. We invite students to join us and find out what is important to them and prepare for the important transition from high school to college. For more information please visit: summerfuel.com or email us: info@summerfuel.com or call our New York City office: 212-796-8342

their writing. Formal and informal discussions are a staple of the course; students are charged with critically analyzing the text and incorporating newfound skills into their own writing. Students leave this course with a more nuanced understanding of both analytical and creative writing techniques, rhetorical devices, and correct grammar as well

as greater confidence in reading, thinking, and speaking critically about literature. Outside the classroom, students take part in daily athletics, as well as on and off-campus trips and activities. GOLF PROGRAM (TWO 2-WEEK SESSIONS) Utilizing the facilities at Taft’s nearby home course, this program is designed for the competitive golfer pursuing a high school or collegiate level program. All instructors are PGA certified. Enrollment is limited to 10 students per two-week session, and participation requires enrollment in one of the academic programs. Learn more at taftschool.org/summer or call 860-945-7961


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