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D A Y S C H O O L S HOPKINS SCHOOL New Haven, CT Hopkins School is an independent, coeducational day school of 700+ students in grades 7-12. Located on a 108-acre campus overlooking New Haven, the School takes pride in its classic academic curriculum, enhanced by innovative programs, arts and athletics and community service. Here are the core beliefs that Hopkins embraces. We think intellectual curiosity is the most powerful energy in the world. We’ve created a culture dedicated to celebrating intellectual curiosity. We believe that education should be a multi-


The IDEAL School of Manhattan is the only K-12 independent inclusion school in New York City. IDEAL’s mission is to affirm and accept the full identities of all people, while inspiring academic excellence, creative leadership, and a desire to build a more just and equitable world. The school’s core principles are built into its name: Inclusion, Diversity, Excellence, Acceptance, and Leadership. Every aspect of the IDEAL experience--instruction, assessment, program, enrichment--reflects a research-based commitment to inclusion education as a means for academic excellence. Because IDEAL teachers know their students as individuals in and out of the classroom, they are able to design instruction that builds upon the unique talents and strengths of the learners in their room. Rather than a one-size-fits-all curriculum, differentiated instruction allows students to pursue the same subjects at multiple levels of complexity. Supportive faculty, low student to teacher ratios, small class sizes, and partnerships between experienced general educators and learning specialists create a nurturing community where every student can succeed and every student has a voice. At IDEAL, no one leaves their identity at the door. IDEAL’s

faceted pursuit of the whole intellect, where a diverse community of individuals bond together to inspire each other, challenge each other, explore, discover and achieve. We think questions can be more exciting than answers. The ability to originate precise and probing questions is the

foundation of intellectual curiosity at Hopkins. In practice, this means Hopkins students challenge assumptions, investigate facts and experiment with new approaches. We believe learning to ask better questions results in better thinking and better answers. We think a vibrant community starts by embracing individuality. We believe an endless variety of viewpoints, traditions, beliefs, talents and styles is what makes up a stimulating, healthy intellectual community. While excellence is the common goal, students are encouraged to be who they are and contribute to a culture of thought that is enriched by individual perspectives, inspiring to all. We think intellectual growth is a shared journey. Everyone has ups and downs. At Hopkins, we navigate them together. Students and teachers join forces to meet challenges. The results: close friendships, the gratification that goes with shared success, the development of grit and perseverance and a lifetime of learning set in motion. We think engineers can be athletes, artists can be scientists, and mathematicians can be actors. We believe a well-formed intellect is the sum of many experiences. Each student is encouraged and empowered to explore far and wide through academics, art, social activities and service opportunities . hopkins.edu Hopkins School 986 Forest Rd New Haven, CT 06515

curriculum and programs are multicultural by design, and social justice and anti-bias instruction are built-in and given dedicated instructional time. Experiential learning opportunities including a signature eighth grade Civil Rights Journey. Immersion in the arts and a differentiated athletic program round out the IDEAL experience. IDEAL’s unique program cultivates empathy and collaboration. With the confidence that comes from being known and celebrated, students not only strive for excellence in their own academic and personal pursuits--but they also support and encourage their peers. At IDEAL, we are proud of our mission and the way inclusion fosters compassionate students equipped with the leadership skills to succeed in today’s 21st-century society. Please visit our website at theidealschool.org to learn more about IDEAL and to sign up for an Open House or a Tuesday Talk and Tour. theidealschool.org 314 West 91st Street, NYC, 10024 (212) 769-1699


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