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Vol. I January 2018

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How You Can Participate (And How You’re Already Participat ing)

I n early 2010, a salesperson called on me, John Deeds, and showed me a brochure about a centrifuge approved by the FDA to prepare PRP. He said, “Use PRP like Juvéderm. You get new volume and new blood flow, and there’s never been a serious side effect.” Now, eight years later, the members of the Cellular Medicine Association (CMA) continue to look for those “better places” as well as to think about better ways to prepare and inject the PRP. Since you’re a member of the CMA (by way of your participation in one or more of our provider groups — Vampire Facelift or Facial, Vampire Breast Lift, Vampire Wing Lift, P-Shot, or O-Shot), I thought that if I showed you the research we’ve completed and what we hope to finish, you may see how our organization is changing medicine and how you can help.

• The P-Shot procedure for Peyronie’s disease • The P-Shot procedure for growth of the penis • The O-Shot procedure both for female sexual dysfunction and for urinary incontinence+

We Could Use Your Help Filling the Following IRB-Approved Studies

• Double-blind placebo-controlled study of the O-Shot procedure for orgasmic dysfunction.+ We can use some help filling this study. • Double-blind placebo-controlled study of the O-Shot procedure for lichen sclerosus You can find the details of both of these studies at the following web page: CellularMedicineAssociation.org/ research. Also, we are surveying our patients prospectively. With around 2,000 members total in our groups, if even half of us put five people in the surveys, we’d then have enough data to make strong predictions to design the next IRB- approved studies. This data can be gathered from your patients by text messaging (so the spam filters don’t grab the emails), with your patient’s consent, of course. The text message provides a link that goes to a HIPPA-compliant encrypted double password-protected website. So, the data is not stored on my server or yours. And to play it triple safe, the survey does not ask for the patient’s name (but it does ask date of service, birthday, and the provider’s name, so you could find out who the person is if something interesting or worrisome is reported). It took me a couple of months of programming to tie our membership site to the engine that sends the text and to the private server that administers the survey. We survey women who receive the O-Shot with FSD-R and with open questions. We survey the men with the 25-point erectile function scale and with open questions. Survey Data

Something About Which You Can Be Proud

Because PRP is not a drug and you can’t patent it, no pharmaceutical company will step in and finance our research, so we’ve spent HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars — all financed by the members of our provider groups with the monthly membership fees. I think you can be very proud of our contribution to medicine.

As a reward for putting five people in the surveys, I will put an icon by your name on the provider directory identifying you as a “Center of Excellence.” This will increase the number of phone calls to your office. If you want your data to present at a meeting, to see how your people are doing, or if you think you’ve put five people in and don’t see the icon by your name (on oshot. info/members/directory), please call 1-888-920-5311 or contact Support@CellularMedicineAssociation.org.

Research Published So Far

• Links to all of the following studies to which we’ve contributed can be found here: Cellu- larMedicineAssociation.org/research. • The O-Shot procedure for female sexual dysfunction+ • The O-Shot procedure for lichen sclerosus (symptoms and dermatopathology improved)+ • The O-Shot procedure to improve the results of surgery for the phimosis of the clitoral hood seen with lichen sclerosus+ • The O-Shot procedure for lichen sclerosus (symptoms and dermatopathology improved)+

Watch a video that shows you how to put people into our surveys: CellularMedicineAssociation.org/surveys.

(Studies marked with a “+” were funded by the CMA.)

-Charles Runels





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