ZG Awards Brochure 2022

ADVERTISING - an individual print or digital advertisement or ad campaign.

marketing excellence: categories

INTERNAL MARKETING - Campaign de- signed for an employee audience to increase communication and collaboration within a firm or division. Examples include: company intranets, recognition program, awards pro- gram, or communications associated with mergers, acquisitions, or new business-line initiatives. NEWSLETTER - INTERNAL - An internal, employee-focused publication produced via print or digital media. CORPORATE ID - BRAND REFRESH - A con- sistent graphic image applied to your firm’s print and/or digital collateral materials for the purposes of rebranding your firm. HOLIDAY - A print or digital piece produced for one-time use to promote brand aware- ness of your firm during a holiday (holiday card, e-card, party invitation, client-appreci- ation gift, etc.) RECRUITMENT/RETENTION - A program designed to recruit potential or retain current employees through print and/or electronic communications, including but not limited to ads, brochures, form letters, pamphlets, post- cards, announcements, and email promotions. SPECIAL EVENT MARKETING - A marketing piece produced for a one-time event (i.e., char- ity event, an anniversary celebration, open house, community event, rebranding celebra- tion, etc.). Entry should include visual proof (i.e., pictures) and all marketing materials used to promote the event. WEBSITE - A public website that either pro- motes your firm or has been launched by your firm for a specific project.

BROCHURE - A print or digital publication describing your firm’s general capabilities.

CORPORATE ID - NEW IDENTITY - A consistent graphic image applied to your firm’s print and/ or digital collateral materials for the launch of a new corporate identity. INTEGRATED MARKETING/BRAND AWARENESS - Both printed and digital methods of distribution such as emails, direct mail, display ads, banner ads on a third-party website, or other compo- nents that take place over an extended period of time to promote brand awareness of your firm. NEWSLETTER - EXTERNAL - A newsletter con- ceived and created by your firm, with content developed internally, intended for external distri- bution. The intended audience is clients and/or potential clients, teaming partners, peers, local business press, and other interested parties. PROJECT PURSUIT - Item(s) that were used in support of winning a single project. Materials can include anything that was used to win a project including: qualifications packages, proposals, pre- sentations, interview tools, leave-behinds, or other pieces that contributed to the total effort. SOCIAL MEDIA - Any marketing effort that utilizes online social media tools to provide a platform for thought leadership, collaboration, and user inter- action. Maybe one platform or a combination of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linke- dIn as well as blog posts or podcasts). VIDEO - A video that either promotes your firm or has been created by your firm for a specific project pursuit; a video created for external communica- tions; or one created for internal communications.


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