MAD MARCH RELEASE We are delighted to present our brand-new release for March. 34 designs offering something for everyone.We have love, we have Champagne, we have the birds and the bees, fish, planets and football. Of particular note is a release of 6 new humour cards that Fiona has been working on with a new artist, Emma Proctor, to bring something a little different to the range. Let us know what you think – we hope you enjoy them. There are some truly fabulous designs, many of which have turned out better than even we dared hope.The supplement can’t possibly do them justice. Buy all 34 of the New March Release under one convenient Code: MAR20NEW for £31.62 (plus VAT) to ensure you have a full set and that you don’t miss anything. And there is even something from the past that many of you will welcome back as an old dear friend. It’s the die cut Champagne bottle fromAmanda Loverseed – the first of our ‘Vintage Collection’ of bestsellers from the past. The beauty of this card is that it covers all birthdays; you simply add the year of birth to personalise each card. and add the caption ‘And it’s real Champagne…no more Prosecco!’ Available to order from 10 am on Sunday.

Hello Fabulous Flamingos! Well, this is fun! Another new release even before the excitement of the last one had died down.We have had such good sales and lovely feedback from January’s offering but this March release is going to be even better! Sophisticated, glamourous, fun, golden, sparkly, flowery and fabulous; this is a seriously good range that will give everyone the very best reason to get out there and tell the world about your business. Book your own home event and share the love.Your UK consumers spent £1.7 billion on greeting cards last year; expect that to double in March! The 2020 Challenge was designed to put a rocket under the business!We will be sending out the results of month two of the Challenge, next week.We already know that at least one Partner, powered by liquid oxygen, was 25% of the way there before the end of the first month. Look out for the leader board to see who’s on their way to a £500 bonus? Enjoy the great new release, put the work in for the Challenge, prepare for Easter and start formulating your plans for Christmas! We have! Extra Advent Calendar cards are already on the drawing board. We will share our Christmas progress with you, in the next newsletter.And, please share your March progress with us; we’d love to hear your stories.

Happy Marvellous March

SUPPLEMENT AND BROCHURE RELEASE SCHEDULE Please follow the link to see the new range presented as a Flippy Book. It is also available in Downloads.

• APRIL – Flippy Book supplement for new Kraft Kit products • MAY – Flippy Book and hard copy Supplements for May release, featuring April and March products • AUGUST – Flippy Book and hard copy brochure for all

products in range. Featuring exciting new Christmas release. • OCTOBER – Flipping Book supplement featuring new Christmas giftables. • JANUARY 2021 – Flippy Book and hard copy Full Brochure


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