MAD MARCH RELEASE We are delighted to present our brand-new release for March. 34 designs offering something for everyone.We have love, we have Champagne, we have the birds and the bees, fish, planets and football. Of particular note is a release of 6 new humour cards that Fiona has been working on with a new artist, Emma Proctor, to bring something a little different to the range. Let us know what you think – we hope you enjoy them. There are some truly fabulous designs, many of which have turned out better than even we dared hope.The supplement can’t possibly do them justice. Buy all 34 of the New March Release under one convenient Code: MAR20NEW for £31.62 (plus VAT) to ensure you have a full set and that you don’t miss anything. And there is even something from the past that many of you will welcome back as an old dear friend. It’s the die cut Champagne bottle fromAmanda Loverseed – the first of our ‘Vintage Collection’ of bestsellers from the past. The beauty of this card is that it covers all birthdays; you simply add the year of birth to personalise each card. and add the caption ‘And it’s real Champagne…no more Prosecco!’ Available to order from 10 am on Sunday.

Hello Fabulous Flamingos! Well, this is fun! Another new release even before the excitement of the last one had died down.We have had such good sales and lovely feedback from January’s offering but this March release is going to be even better! Sophisticated, glamourous, fun, golden, sparkly, flowery and fabulous; this is a seriously good range that will give everyone the very best reason to get out there and tell the world about your business. Book your own home event and share the love.Your UK consumers spent £1.7 billion on greeting cards last year; expect that to double in March! The 2020 Challenge was designed to put a rocket under the business!We will be sending out the results of month two of the Challenge, next week.We already know that at least one Partner, powered by liquid oxygen, was 25% of the way there before the end of the first month. Look out for the leader board to see who’s on their way to a £500 bonus? Enjoy the great new release, put the work in for the Challenge, prepare for Easter and start formulating your plans for Christmas! We have! Extra Advent Calendar cards are already on the drawing board. We will share our Christmas progress with you, in the next newsletter.And, please share your March progress with us; we’d love to hear your stories.

Happy Marvellous March

SUPPLEMENT AND BROCHURE RELEASE SCHEDULE Please follow the link to see the new range presented as a Flippy Book. It is also available in Downloads.

• APRIL – Flippy Book supplement for new Kraft Kit products • MAY – Flippy Book and hard copy Supplements for May release, featuring April and March products • AUGUST – Flippy Book and hard copy brochure for all

products in range. Featuring exciting new Christmas release. • OCTOBER – Flipping Book supplement featuring new Christmas giftables. • JANUARY 2021 – Flippy Book and hard copy Full Brochure


TOP 20 FOR JANUARY The January release proved to be a huge success. Great sales from cards and, relatively speaking, probably the best sales from gift wrap for many years. Usually, the top GW design sells around 10% of the top card design. In January, this was closer to 50%.Way hay!


ANZ FP5112 FP6155 FP5106 FP5115 FP5105 FP6140 FP6144 FP6139 FP7045 FP6145 FP6138 FP7042 FP7043 FP5109 FP6148 FP6150 FP5101 FP5103 FP5108 LS20


A Big Happy Birthday Another Year Older?

Another Year Older? Flowers in Teacups

Agapanthus in Pots Flowers in Teacups

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

FP6145 FP5112 FP6139 FP5105 FP6138 FP7042 FP6140 FP5115 FP6155 FP6141 FP5104 FP6153 FP6146 FP6150 FP6143 FP5103 FP6144 FP6149 FP7041 FP6154

FP6071 FP6155 FP6141 FP5108 FP7030 FP6038 FP6097 FP6147 FP7041 FP5107 FP5111 FP5112 FP6146 FP6151 FP5102 FP5105 FP6008 FP6107 FP5113 BM01

It's Your Birthday (Cupcake)




Rose Cupcake


Not as Old


Pink AndYellow Flowers

Happy Birthday Balloons Happy Birthday (Pink Floral)

Happy Birthday (Pink Floral)

Poppies by the Bay

Wedding Cake

Pirates (Happy Birthday)

Rose Cupcake

It's Your Birthday (Cupcake)


Flowers in Teacups


Happy Days


A Big Happy Birthday

Blue Tits And Bunting

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Gin Bottles Rainbows

Not as Old

Foxes Panda

Happy Birthday Balloons

Magical Birthday Musical Instruments

You Rock

Another Year Older? Magical Birthday

Butterfly Cupcakes

Leaves And Berries (Get Well Soon)

Party Elephant


What A Star You Are! Wedding Cake Monster Birthday Blue Tits And Bunting

Mermazing Birthday Musical Instruments




Pink Flamingos

What A Star You Are! Pink AndYellow Flowers



Birthday Fox

It’s always interesting to compare and contrast what sells best in our different territories!

EASTERWISHES Easter is becoming a huge spring occasion with swathes of eggs, garlands and decorations in every department store and supermarket.Twenty years ago, you were lucky to be offered one card depicting a hill, a cross and a daffodil. In 2020, the shops are full of fabulous edible and decorative offerings to appeal to all religious and secular persuasions. Our own offerings are more subdued but none the less seasonally appealing.

NEW HEADER BOARDS Many of you have requested header boards as you feel, and we agree, that they are an excellent way to promote your business and establish the Flamingo branding. A clean, new header board will help you look professional and up to date. Before we finalise the order, we need to establish how many might be needed to meet the initial demand. SPECIFICATIONS Size: 500mm x 675mm (ideal for slotting into a wire card rack) Material: 2mm white silk finish paper-lined board Print: Flamingo logo, printed one side only Code: HEADER Price: £10 each (incl.VAT) Code: HEADER2 Flamingo Header x 2 Price: £15 for 2 (incl.VAT) If you would like one, or more, please place your order by 10th March. And we will dispatch them with your next order after 20th March. If we don’t get enough interest to warrant going into production, we will refund your money no later than 15th March.

FP6107 Chicks

FP6089 Easter - Painted Eggs



FP5072 Easter Wishes

FP6161 Happy Easter (Lambs)

FP6160 Happy Easter

Decorate a basket and make a pretty display. Next week, we will be putting some decorative images and a little poster in downloads for you to print off and laminate.


KAT KIT KOMING SOON! If the gods of small 3D animal kits are smiling upon us, we will have a truly lovely collection for April.

First off, there’s a paw-licking grey cat. It is anatomically ‘purrfect’ and probably, to date, the most satisfying to make of all the models.

The Glama Llama will also be available to order from 1st April. Many of you met her all-white cousin, as she toured the country in January, at the Road Shows. The version that will be available to buy is cream with a white muzzle, and will come with an Andean-style neck adornment and an authentic (ish) hair piece. It is also great fun to make and we are keen to see what the extra frills do for its shelf appeal.

INVASION OF THE BABY BOOMERS More people are turning sixty this year than in any other year in our history! Partner, Christine Topham, has pointed out that this is surely is the year to have numbered cards for 60-year-olds! The heavy hand of statistical certainty has persuaded us to have another go. So, we will include two, new, 60, age cards in the May release. You have two weeks to send us your most inspiring ideas. If you receive a perfect card or see a perfect ‘60’ card in a shop, that inspires you, please take a photo and send it in to

And that is not all…We have a trio of sweet little African animal characters: an elephant, a giraffe and a penguin (yes, you can see penguins at The Cape!).We are very keen to see how these will sell because they are aimed at families and younger children.There are fewer pieces, but bigger pieces, which make the tabs easier to manipulate. Full details, including pricing, will be sent out in the third week of March.

THE FUTURE OF CRAFT KITS Dismissed by some as too expensive, too bulky, no obvious appeal… we still managed to sell over £50,000 worth! That’s £80,000 adjusted for retail value. If you didn’t get a piece of that, you missed out. THE TOP FIVE TO DATE 1 FKA003 - 3D Model Kit - Sloth 2 FKA005 - 3D Model Kit - Pug 3 FKA002 - 3D Model Kit - Unicorn 4 FKA001 - 3D Model Kit - Flamingo 5 FKC001 - Floral Craft Kit - Peonies

SELLING CRAFT KITS Kate Lee’s story I’d had no luck selling any of the craft sets...until now! I have a few friends who order from me, or rummage through my stock every now and then, so I sent them the latest brochure. Our friends’ WhatsApp group almost went into a tailspin when they all spotted the animals, pretty much simultaneously! Within an hour, or two, one friend had ordered a flamingo and a unicorn and another had ordered a unicorn.

UNDER CONSIDERATION (comments and alternative suggestions welcome):

The first friend runs a company which has a board game library (don’t they all?!) and has since ordered a peonies kit and a pug to guard the library! She’s planning to leave the pug kit by the games with a sign saying, “Please make me”. This morning I had a message to say that their marketing manager loves the idea of the guard pug and is planning to have a ‘name the pug’ competition once he’s been made.They’re also planning to put a picture of the box on the company health and wellbeing channel, as it says, ‘hours of fun and mindfulness’!

Beagle Sausage Dog

Sitting Cat Big Stretch Kitty Dragon Polar Bear Sheep Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Hat Koala

Elephant Seahorse Parrot Duck Baby Fox Panda

She’s after a sloth next…


Michael (L) and Matt (R) receiving their certificate and Champagne from the directors

NEW BOYS ON THE BLOCK Back in January, for many, the highlight of the Executive Partner’s Conference and the Huddersfield and Slough Road Shows, was the introduction to our two new rising stars, Matt and Michael Griffiths. Matt and Michael took their Executive Partner title on 1st January and agreed to be thrust into the limelight just one week later!  “A breath of fresh air”,“…that was an inspiration”,“Can I have them in my team?”, were just a few of the comments after their joint presentation. If you missed it, you missed a great opportunity to share in their contagious enthusiasm and ‘can-do’ attitude. A BIG public thank you to you both. ENVELOPE PROBLEMS We were first made aware of a problem with some damaged (damp and distorted and with flaps stuck down) envelopes, back at the beginning of February.The envelope manufacturer expedited a replacement order for delivery the next day and, combined with the swift action by Set in Hand, the problem was speedily resolved. However, in the last few days, we have received news of the problems recurring. Please let Celina know if your order was affected; she will arrange to send you replacement envelopes.

OWN GOAL! FP6176 Birthday Footballer was supposed to have the suffix ‘Red Boot’ in brackets after the title, to differentiate it from FP6068 Birthday Footballers, which already exists. Some ninny, of a creative dictatorial disposition, ordered it to be removed. She has had words with herself, apologised and says it won’t happen again! Meanwhile, to avoid confusion, please do doublecheck the code when ordering Birthday Footballer cards.We will make an adjustment for the reprint. Apologies.

Set in Hand have been our new warehouse and distribution centre for just 10 months.Yes, there are still problems to iron out, but we are confident that we will be able to resolve all issues.The directors at Set in Hand are

ONLINE ORDERS – ARE THEYWORTH IT? Annie Bellan, an Executive Partner from Southampton wrote in to say: Just wanted you to know how delighted I am with my web orders this month - 12 orders totalling £443.30 at retail which has given me £243.16 extra BV over and above my own orders.  Only one person ordered less than £30 (and, ironically, she lives opposite me, but she has a major eyesight problem so likes to order everything online).  Most of the above has come from “prompting” - via an email saying “New cards, etc. are available” or from sending out the catalogue. Of course, Annie has worked hard to build a loyal customer base that she supports diligently and professionally. If you have neglected this side of your business, take a leaf out of Annie’s very full ordering book and start planning now so as not to miss out on the lucrative opportunities that come with supporting your customers in whichever way they choose to buy from you.

extremely enthusiastic and supportive of our business and are prepared to do whatever it takes to get our service up to the high level we demand. It’s a much tougher account than any of their other card publishers’, where the pickers pick and pack in a very different way from the multiple,‘one-card’ pick scenario that is the norm for us. It took Phoenix 22 years of evolving and imposing fairly onerous disciplines on the distribution team to get to the exemplary levels of service we were able to offer.They, and we, want to get it right so, please continue to report any problems to us ( as quickly as possible so that we can take the matter up with the management and strive to build a support service that we can all rely on and be proud of.


CELINA COPÈTE COMPANY PROFILE Hello everybody! For those

CHARITY DONATION UPDATE CHRISTMAS 2017 AND 2018 We added both years together as the 2017 donation (started the new business in October) was relatively small.

who don’t know me, my name is Celina and I am the Head of Customer Service for Flamingo. I am 32-years-old, I was born in a small town in the South of France where I grew up surrounded by my family.

I left after my BAC and went to study in Lyon for



a couple of years and then went to Saint-Etienne where I spent three years studying HR and Marketing at Saint- Etienne Business School. During these three years, I spent 6 months in the Czech Republic as an Erasmus Student.  In 2011, I moved to England to work as an assistant on a trading floor; that wasn’t for me - a little bit too crazy to my liking! In 2012, I started working for Phoenix Trading as a French Customer Service Executive and I stayed until the end in 2017. For one year after that, I worked for Envio, the first fulfilment service Flamingo used. Since January 2019, I am working as Head of Customer Service for Flamingo. When I am not working, my Partner and I like spending time walking around Surrey.We moved there a couple of years ago and we are still discovering the area! I enjoy traveling and we have decided to try and visit as many European capitals as possible in 2020, that’s our own 2020 Challenge! Let’s see how this goes! To finish, I would like to thank you all of you for your support and all the beautiful cards and presents I have received over Christmas.This really means a lot to me. I wish you all a fantastic 2020!



AU$ 600

NZ$ 600

CHRISTMAS 2019 What we have estimated to be £8,667.79 of funds raised during Christmas 2019, will be allocated later this year, once they have been signed off by the charity auditors. Our intention is to divvy up the total amount to the same charities as 2017/18. Thank you to all for your support and hard work over the two and a half Christmases that we have been trading as Flamingo Paperie.We are part of one of the most generous sectors for charitable giving. Many charities see greeting card publishers as one of their major sources of donated income.We are looking forward to being able to raise even more funds through Christmas Card sales in 2020.

PS. Quick shout out to Celina for all the praise and gratitude expressed by so many of you.Yes, we agree, she is a star. And I think we have a perfect card for that…

CREATIVE CORNER Pat Coppin wrote in: “Because I had to wait for bits of glue to dry on my Sloth, I decided to be a bit crea- tive.Thinking along lines of easier kits and decoupage this is my basket/box using last year’s catalogue! I plan to use it to display my bookmarks or keep pens on my stall! Thought you would like to see it” 


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