TOP 20 FOR JANUARY The January release proved to be a huge success. Great sales from cards and, relatively speaking, probably the best sales from gift wrap for many years. Usually, the top GW design sells around 10% of the top card design. In January, this was closer to 50%.Way hay!


ANZ FP5112 FP6155 FP5106 FP5115 FP5105 FP6140 FP6144 FP6139 FP7045 FP6145 FP6138 FP7042 FP7043 FP5109 FP6148 FP6150 FP5101 FP5103 FP5108 LS20


A Big Happy Birthday Another Year Older?

Another Year Older? Flowers in Teacups

Agapanthus in Pots Flowers in Teacups

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FP6145 FP5112 FP6139 FP5105 FP6138 FP7042 FP6140 FP5115 FP6155 FP6141 FP5104 FP6153 FP6146 FP6150 FP6143 FP5103 FP6144 FP6149 FP7041 FP6154

FP6071 FP6155 FP6141 FP5108 FP7030 FP6038 FP6097 FP6147 FP7041 FP5107 FP5111 FP5112 FP6146 FP6151 FP5102 FP5105 FP6008 FP6107 FP5113 BM01

It's Your Birthday (Cupcake)




Rose Cupcake


Not as Old


Pink AndYellow Flowers

Happy Birthday Balloons Happy Birthday (Pink Floral)

Happy Birthday (Pink Floral)

Poppies by the Bay

Wedding Cake

Pirates (Happy Birthday)

Rose Cupcake

It's Your Birthday (Cupcake)


Flowers in Teacups


Happy Days


A Big Happy Birthday

Blue Tits And Bunting

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Gin Bottles Rainbows

Not as Old

Foxes Panda

Happy Birthday Balloons

Magical Birthday Musical Instruments

You Rock

Another Year Older? Magical Birthday

Butterfly Cupcakes

Leaves And Berries (Get Well Soon)

Party Elephant


What A Star You Are! Wedding Cake Monster Birthday Blue Tits And Bunting

Mermazing Birthday Musical Instruments




Pink Flamingos

What A Star You Are! Pink AndYellow Flowers



Birthday Fox

It’s always interesting to compare and contrast what sells best in our different territories!

EASTERWISHES Easter is becoming a huge spring occasion with swathes of eggs, garlands and decorations in every department store and supermarket.Twenty years ago, you were lucky to be offered one card depicting a hill, a cross and a daffodil. In 2020, the shops are full of fabulous edible and decorative offerings to appeal to all religious and secular persuasions. Our own offerings are more subdued but none the less seasonally appealing.

NEW HEADER BOARDS Many of you have requested header boards as you feel, and we agree, that they are an excellent way to promote your business and establish the Flamingo branding. A clean, new header board will help you look professional and up to date. Before we finalise the order, we need to establish how many might be needed to meet the initial demand. SPECIFICATIONS Size: 500mm x 675mm (ideal for slotting into a wire card rack) Material: 2mm white silk finish paper-lined board Print: Flamingo logo, printed one side only Code: HEADER Price: £10 each (incl.VAT) Code: HEADER2 Flamingo Header x 2 Price: £15 for 2 (incl.VAT) If you would like one, or more, please place your order by 10th March. And we will dispatch them with your next order after 20th March. If we don’t get enough interest to warrant going into production, we will refund your money no later than 15th March.

FP6107 Chicks

FP6089 Easter - Painted Eggs



FP5072 Easter Wishes

FP6161 Happy Easter (Lambs)

FP6160 Happy Easter

Decorate a basket and make a pretty display. Next week, we will be putting some decorative images and a little poster in downloads for you to print off and laminate.


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